Looking up, looking down- in Whitby!

Looking down on Saltwick Nab

Looking down on Saltwick Nab

The cliff tops at Whitby are a great place from which to look down.  Can you see those two tiny specks of people way out in the bay? The tide was as low as I’ve ever seen it, and I think that they might have been seeking fossils, normally hidden beneath the waves.

The Nab is beautiful

The Nab is beautiful as the light catches the hump of its back

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What stories these rocks might tell

What stories these rocks could tell

As we approach the outstretched arms of the pier at Whitby

As we approach the outstretched arms of the pier at Whitby

Stories of shipwrecks

Stories of shipwrecks

And pirates!

And of pirates!

At the bottom of Whitby’s 199 steps (I never remember to count) W. Hamond is Whitby’s original jet shop, established in 1860.  The jewellery looks fabulous, and nowadays there’s a tea shop, if you don’t mind a few more steps.  Or there’s always icecream!  For once I had a project in mind as I was walking around.  As I paused to look up at some cherubs on the HSBC building, an elderly gentlemen grasped me by the arm.  ‘You should come inside’ he said, leading me firmly through the heavy doorway.  The old carved wood was highly polished and beautiful (and the bank clerks totally ignored me), but the ceiling was the surprise.   Who would have thought?

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And the project I had in mind?  Joining lovely Debbie on Travel with Intent.  She spends her Thursdays looking up and looking down. This week she has some wonderful photos of the Forth Rail Bridge, and it’s week 96 of the challenge.  What are you waiting for?

So let's finish with a look up at the abbey

Let’s just finish with a look up at the Abbey

And down those steps!

And down those steps!



  1. Such a variety of emotions packed into this fascinating stroll around Whitby Jo. I am with Sue about your tuning this series into a book. I remember saying as much in an earlier comment.


    1. You did! I’m full of self doubt, Madhu. Maybe I should take some time away from the blog and give my life a good hard stare. Scary thought! Perhaps just stay here and have fun. Frustrating sometimes but it’s given me a lot of happiness. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Breathtaking views, a magnificent Abbey, shipwrecks, pirates. My head is going to explode (but in a really great way bursting with color and imagery). Lovely Jo. I’m going to sail there someday…


  3. Beautiful Whitby, so enjoyed my visit there many years ago. And of course, love how you always include a wonderful tea room for afterwards. Hope you have a lovely weekend Jo. Not too enthused about the finals this year…so disappointing about Murray and as for Rafa…well. Now I hope Federer wins, he deserves too the way he’s playing. Hugs…and here’s to us both getting the ironing done. Let’s hope it doesn’t build up again too soon! 🙂 xx


    1. I feel drained, Sherri! I dread to think how Andy feels. He couldn’t have tried harder. Yes- I’ll be rooting for Fed too 🙂 But if the sun shines you might just find me in the garden. Have a good weekend, darlin,.

      Liked by 1 person

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