Six word Saturday


Do you write poetry, or prose?


Orchids, wild and free

Waving through the longest grass

Come and play with me

Sweetest princesses

Blushing tenderly in pink

Or virginal, white

Perfect peony

Unfurling, day after day

Swirling in beauty

It’s funny how this blogging world changes you, and opens your eyes to new things.  I never used to carry a camera, except on holiday (with pretty dire results).  But, needing to liven up my dull pages, I started taking photographs.  Now I find it hard to walk past a blade of grass without wondering if it will make a good composition!  I exaggerate- but it’s not far from the truth.

It’s good to know that I have an imagination, and that with just a little persuasion from friends, I can learn to use it.  So now I’m tiptoeing into the world of Haiku, to see what I can find.


Sultry, smiling poppy

Teasing with her flirty skirt

Stamping a tango!


The storm clouds have descended this morning.  What better time to practise a new skill?  There’s so much inspiration out there.

I’m linking this morning to Lucile de Godoy at Bridging Lacunas.  If you don’t know her, you’re in for a treat.  And, of course, you’ll find me on Six Word Saturday.  It’s my Saturday morning home.



    1. Funny how bits of poetry follow you sometimes. It’s never been my thing but I was glad so many people liked my dipping a toe in the water. 🙂 Our community is nothing if not encouraging, is it? 🙂

  1. Jo, stunning images …. I love the poppies!!! Very powerful flower and it’s my favorite summer flower. Truly lovely post, girlfriend. What I don’t understand is the £3.00?????!!!! I’m pleased that I cost you something *laughing

  2. What a post. You’ve excelled yourself with photos, offered me orchids and written some spectacular distinctive haiku. My favourites are the poppy and the peony one. More please! I’m astonished that photography came after blogging. It seems your native habitat!

    1. You’re always much too kind to me! My natural habitat is probably on a beach somewhere. Today was spent on the cliffs at Whitby- another of my favourite places. 🙂 And I know nothing about photography- only what I like! Very self-indulgent 🙂

  3. gorgeous gallery of flowers, Jo! i love it! 🙂 blogging certainly brings out hidden talents sometimes surprising oneself. and the online friends you gain are priceless, too 🙂

  4. I love the poppies! THey are a favorite flower. I have a very similar history with photography, Jo. I didn’t start taking photos as I do now until the blog! And probably not until I’d been at it about year. Now, I take photos and keep them “on hand” for a time when maybe I’m stumped and not sure what to share. I’ll go back through photos and that helps me every time. Now haiku? That’s an impressive “step up” and I think you’re off to a very good start. 🙂

    1. It might be a sideways step, Debbie. I should probably concentrate on improving my photography and my sadly lacking IT skills 😦 Lovely to see you! I’m just completing this week’s walk (online) and then I’ll be off walking for real 🙂 🙂 Take care and have a happy week!

  5. I’m truly gobsmacked at your your wondrous haiku, Jo! I agree with you that blogging does bring out all sorts of hidden talents which hitherto may have lain dormant. Well done, both on your photography and writing. xx 🙂

  6. Jo I completely agree that blogging has made me look at the world very differently. I have come to appreciate tiny beauty though the lens of a camera. Good for you to try Haiku. I’m afraid I am a long way from that challenge. Yours however are beautiful!

      1. Jo you crack me up. I believe we should petition for a name change from Hayna Picchu to Thingummy Picchu. Yes I like the sound of it very much.

  7. You haiku is a lovely poetic description of the dancing poppies. Blogging does tend to make one look at the world differently. I know I often look at a scene when I don’t have my camera with me and wonder what would be the best way to capture it. 😉

  8. I’m in awe of you with such a vivid imagination and now you have labelled those tangoing poppies, the description fits them so well. As for cameras and blogging it is like a horse and cart they just go together… 🙂

    1. I’m blushing, Pauline! Isn’t it wonderful how words fill your head and you can just pick and choose? Thank you for the ‘horse and cart’ analogy 🙂 🙂

  9. Heaven Jo! Gorgeous flowers and don’t ask me to choose a favourite; I know zilch about orchids, the only ones I ever see are those in a hot house! But they are both very beautiful and having read the comments, obviously the first one is quite rare so lucky/clever you for finding it. And the haiku (what’s the plural?) are wonderful – such a vivid one for the poppy – I am stunned by your talents 😀 😀

    1. I think the sunshine may have gone to my head, Jude 🙂 Apparently Tish has the biggest and best book of authority on wild flowers (don’t ask me to name it!). I just trample through the undergrowth with my point and shoot. Not much genius in that! 🙂

      1. I think I have three wild flower books (bought from 2nd hand bookshops – I can’t resist) but I still have difficulty identifying some of them with similar leaves/colours.

        I look forward to more haiku from you, you definitely have the right idea! Poppies with swirling skirts doing a tango is sheer brilliance 🙂

      2. No tennis so, in theory, lots of time this Sunday! Alas I’m fulla jobs at home 😦 No sun here yet so it’s ironing next. Haven’t had chance to get to my Reader in days. Is Sherri back yet, do you know? Will check out your Bench when I get a sec. 🙂

  10. I’m the same, Jo – I never used to take photographs and now I have the camera with me everywhere I go. I’m sure if I hadn’t started blogging I would never have noticed my life through photography like I do now 😀

  11. Peonies are one of my favorite, Jo. But all of the flowers are beautiful. Your haikus were good too. I’m the same way with my camera since I’ve started blogging, too. I’m always wondering if ‘that’ is the shot.

    1. Hi Elaine 🙂 I thought I might have overdone it. ‘Bit’ between the teeth stuff 🙂 But I have so many lovely flower photos to choose from right now. Couldn’t resist! Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. I have heaps of flower shots and haven’t posted any for ages, Paula, so I was killing 2 birds with one stone. Cruel of me 🙂 Thanks for the kind words. Speaking of which, how are you doing with Greek? Do you have a blogging friend to practise with?

      1. No, I don’t. This weekend I am using Spanish as my primary foreign language most, tomorrow maybe I’ll chat in Portuguese.

      2. No need to admire – I tend to mix them all up :D. Tomorrow’s challenge is by Irene Waters and it is about water 😀

      3. The European ones are a bit interchangeable anyway 🙂 Sounds good- I’ll have a look in the morning. Or are you posting tonight? I was awake really early so might not make it to the witching hour 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s a wonderful time of year for flowers, Lynn. We hardly know ourselves in the UK with this warm spell of weather we’re having 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  12. Well of course I’m your number one fan! Only once did you deviate form 5-7-5 as well and the photos are gorgeous. I think they are bee orchids, Jude? lucky you finding them 🙂 Keep it up my lovely, really impressive x

    1. Not enough fingers and toes, Gilly! I was sure I’d got the numbers right, but I overstepped the mark on ‘poppy’. 😦 Tish says they’re bee orchids but in my ignorance I just took the shots 🙂 Thank you! Lazy weekend? The sun’s just finding it’s way out here after massive overnight thunderstorms.

      1. Not everyone sticks to the syllable count, for me it’s just discipline.
        Hot all day today but thunder is forecast tomorrow, I hope they have it wrong as the biggest grandbabies are coming and I want to take them to the lottie to pick strawberries. Quiet weekend me?? fat chance, last night and all this morning I’ve been making jam with my housemate and this afternoon I’ve picked about 6 lbs of blackcurrants

      2. I’m not great at discipline, Gilly, which is probably why I like prose 🙂 In this instance I did try to conform 😦
        Lots of red fingers and chins! Jam to sell, I presume, or give as gifts? I love blackcurrants with yogurt 🙂

      3. Jam to eat and share with family and friends! I’m usually far too rebellious to conform, that’s why it began as ‘lazy poet’ because it’s so simple even I can do it. I can’t be fussed to learn all the endless poetry forms. I did my diphe a few year ago with the OU, lit and crative writing. There was a poetry module that I worried myself silly about, I thought it would cost me the entire course. In the end I did really well and came to love poetry but I’m still too lazy to get very far!

      4. It’s another of those subjectives, Gilly. Who’s to say something else is better? I love your work. 🙂 But when it’s your own, you always look at it and want better.

  13. So good to see you exploring the world of haiku. You also writing haibun (see my latest post for an explanation.) I love your flower photos 🙂

    1. It’s all very well to be a smart alec, Suzanne, isn’t it, but there’s a lot more to it than I understand. I guess I’m going to have to dedicate a little time, instead of just muttering to myself as I walk. 🙂 Thanks a lot! I’ll be with you later.

      1. Your writing is fine Jo. Haiku is one of those subjects where there is always more to learn. It is one of those things that just keeps opening up in new ways. Take what you need and leave thecrest is a good motto.

      1. You’re welcome. I love pink flowers, I think all if flowers have a personalities all of them should be represented by all shades of pink. 😀 ❤

    1. The sun has just found us, Debbie 🙂 Still got half an eye on the tennis but I can’t resist the garden for half hour. Thank you very much. Hope your flight wasn’t delayed too long.

    1. I love the poppies, Viv, but I’m devastated (well, a tiny bit 🙂 ) to discover that I miscounted my syllables! I shall have to come for a lesson later. Thanks a lot 🙂

  14. The poppy haiku is an absolute wiz, Jo. You’ve caught its spirit in word and image AND it’s so funny. In fact it’s made me think – this is clearly what oriental poppies do at night when we’re not looking – go off to dance the tango. And where did you find that bee orchid? We’re supposed to have them on Windmilll Hill, but I’ve never seen one. They’re very rare and precious, so thanks for these pix too.

    1. I do get a bit over enthusiastic sometimes, Tish, so thank you for your kind words. Poppy is my favourire too 🙂
      The bee orchid (oh, is THAT what it is? 🙂 ) was in some wild grass in the sand dunes at sunny Seaton- just up the road from us. 🙂 I went orchid hunting at the instigation of you and Meg. Just need a nudge and away I go!

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