Six word Saturday


A Bench challenge and an orchid

A gentle day on the north east coast of England

A gentle day, on the north east coast of England.   My friends and I amble along, in search of a bench where we can sit for a while, admiring the view.

A good-looking bench but facing the wrong way

A good-looking bench, but facing the wrong way

This one might just be perfection

Ah, here it is!  Spotlit so we can’t miss it

It’s not a perfect day, but pleasant, in a very English way.  The kind of day when it’s good to be on a cliff top bench, gazing out to sea.  After a while we ease ourselves up and carry on.

The posts frame the bay beautifully

These posts frame the bay beautifully

At this time of year small orchids radiate out from the grass.  Careful not to tread on them, I kneel down for a closer look.  Pretty, aren’t they?

I'm astonished at the colour!

I’m astonished at the colour!

When our walk is done I carry on down to the small marina at Seaham, looking for a sheltered spot where I can read.  There must be a bench or two?


This one might do- no back rest, though

But this one's much more fun, though maybe not so comfortable

This one’s much more fun, but maybe not very comfortable!

Careful not to upset Judge Jude by breaking any rules, I’ve been quite subtle with my post processing of Benches.  But I just had to give Lunapic one more whirl.  What do you think?  All of the images except for the last one were done in Ulead Photo Express, in quite an old version.

It’s Saturday again so it must be time to find your six words.  Pop along and share them with Cate at Show My Face.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for a walk.



  1. You know, Jo, I have started writing my July post. It is in my drafts. The monthly flowers are larkspur, delphinium and water lilies. I loved the orchids in the grass, Jo. After looking at their “trumpet like” shape, I wondered if they were possibly from the family of larkspur?
    Your benches are quite interesting and varied. You go beyond the assignment and make your posts like “treats,” Jo.

    1. Quite possibly larkspur family… Jude would know. She’s my plantswoman par excellence.
      They seem to like a seaside location. I was crawling around in the grass yesterday, looking at more. 🙂 Many thanks for your company, Robin. Have a great weekend!

    1. It’s a good bit of coast! It’s not been great weather this week but I’m determined to get out and about tomorrow. How are you? Is the infection better? 🙂

      1. No, it is not about weight. I have been doing it since April, and did not want to miss out more than 5 days cause of my infection 😉 (I do it three times a week)

      2. No, no, no, no plans for Greece in foreseeable future 😀 Just my craziness for languages. I have a Pilates and Yoga studio 300 meters away from home.

      3. Nope! I’ll Google it. I’ve done a bit of Pilates and quite like it. Don’t have a regular class though (only in the Algarve 🙂 )

      4. About holidays – we are going to Dugi Otok. I don’t know if you remember the site I once showed you with a lighthouse and pebble and sandy beaches in Croatia.

  2. Enjoyed the leisurely stroll with you Jo, always good to have plenty of benches to sit and look at that glorious view. Enjoyed the way you have “played” with the images. Wow that last one had me going round in circles, felt I was on a merry go round…

  3. The orchids look beautiful. I’m glad they are protected. It always makes me giggle when benches are placed facing the wrong way. In our neighbourhood we have a brand new bench placed opposite a T junction! Happy Summer Solstice. I’m glad the sun shone on the bench with the best view.

    1. They do put them in some funny places, don’t they? (benches) Once I spotted the orchids I lost interest in the benches. 🙂 Thank you- and to you!

    1. Yes, that’s my favourite too, Cathy. It takes me way too long when I start to mess about with processing so I’m glad I don’t do it often 🙂

  4. Even when one doesn’t sit on a bench, it adds something to the landscape. It’s evocative of a relaxing moment of contemplation. I like what you did to the first photo.

  5. I do love your orchids. For some reason they are special in the wild. I’m not so keen on garden or airport ones. It’s the stumbling across I love. Your post processing is all totally apt: the effects look great, especially the canvas one.

    1. The processing takes up too much time for my liking, Meg but, as we’ve seen on Jude’s gardens, it can be totally effective used sparingly. I’m glad that my orchids brought you out of comment hibernation. 🙂 🙂 Hope the journey’s going well.

    1. Thanks, Elisa 🙂 The light on the water on that stretch of coast always makes me want to linger. The others got out the flasks of coffee and off I went with my camera.

    1. Our walk took us around the top of the quarry and I was going to keep it for a Monday walk, but those benches were just right for Jude’s challenge. And she asked to see the orchids when I mentioned them to her in a comment last week. It all just came together 🙂 Thank you!

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