Six word Saturday


Benches at the beach- for Jude

What's not to like?

Quite tropical looking, isn’t it?

I’m well aware that I haven’t taken you to the Algarve for a while.  Don’t worry!  The photos are there, in a folder.  A little laid back time on the beach would be lovely, wouldn’t it?

Today is just a glimpse.  I seem to have caught the Bench bug, and it’s all thanks to my friend, Jude.  May is her month for benches at the beach.  With just one day of May to go, I thought I should post these.  Jude will be happy as a sand boy, because right now she’s playing on Cornish beaches.  Do pay her a visit.  Maybe you have a bench for next month’s challenge?

This morning I have a little sunshine, too.  Got to make the most of it, before Sunday whisks it away!  Wishing you a happy weekend, and please don’t forget to share your six words with Cate.



  1. Looks inviting, Jo. One could take a nice stroll along the boardwalk then settle on the bench to look at that lovely beach. Overcast and raining (much needed) here today so thanks for the blue sky,


  2. What a beautiful beach and almost empty! I should very much love a stroll with you on this one along with a wee rest stop on the bench. We can invite Jude too!


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