Six word Saturday


Home again, with just my memories!

Flying into Faro

Flying into Faro

Can it be 3 weeks since I took this shot?  I love flying in, across the offshore islands, and looking out for landmarks. Planning what we’re going to do with all that time!  The friends we’ll meet, the walks we’ll take, nice meals and restaurants to enjoy…  Then, all too quickly, it’s gone, and I’m home again.  But at least I have the blog to share a few of my memories.

First day there, I always stroll around Tavira, looking for changes and familiarising myself with ‘old friends’.  This year I found myself fixated on benches!  They were everywhere I looked.  Jude has a lot to answer for!

The perfect place to look at my favourite bridge

The perfect place to look at my favourite bridge

Did I hear you cry ‘enough benches!’  You have to be joking.  Loads still to come.  But for the sake of variety, I did spot a few other things, en route.

I always like to check out any new shops, too.  Casa da Bli on Rua da Liberdade was full of goodies- toiletries, wine and lots of pretty things.

I always check out new shops too

Aren’t these lovely?

And just across the street, this handsome fellow

And just across the street, this handsome fellow

We listened to some excellent Fado too, at newly opened Fado com Historia.  A post will follow.

A wonderful performance, given daily

A wonderful performance, at Fado com Historia

Naturally, we got out and about walking in the beautiful countryside, and I hope to entertain you with some of that in my Monday walks.  But I can’t resist a snippet or two, while I’m daydreaming.

And how about this for a view?

And how about this for a view?

And a place to just sit and stare!

And a place to just sit and stare!

Of course, what Jude really wanted to see this month was black and white benches, so I have no choice but to conform.  But not before I share a sunset seat.

But not before I share a sunset seat, for lovers

For lovers

Will this do, Jude?

Will this do, Jude?

For those of you not familiar with the Bench Challenge, please follow my link and all will be explained.  Please conform a little more than me though.  I don’t want to make Jude cross.

Meantime, have a lovely weekend.  It’s a glorious Spring day here in the north east of England so it’s not so bad to be home.  Please do find time to visit Cate at Show My Face and share your six words, won’t you?



  1. Girlfriend … this is just amazing … the images are so fantastic – and your writing I have a long way to go. *smile The handsome fallow … would do my greatly. Your bridge – always comes out amazing when you capture it. My favorite shots here is the benches. And the weather is just gorgeous. A beautiful post, Jo. Have been visiting Jude.

    1. Vivi, that’s sweet of you to say 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’m a good few steps behind you! You can have the handsome fellow if I get the cheese 🙂
      Glad you’ve met Jude. She’s a really nice lady and I’m so surprised you didn’t already know her. But then, I always expect my favourite people to know each other 🙂 Hugs darlin’. Will pop by yours soon.

      1. No, I want the cheese too. *smile
        I haven’t been active as I use to be here and I have missed fantastic people and .. blogs, but my sorry ass is so sore today … my god. Don’t know if I’m coming or going. *laughing. Hugs …. >>>

      2. Oh, Vivi! I was going to ask because it hasn’t been mentioned lately but it’s one of those ‘least said, soonest mended’ subjects! 😦 So sorry, hon. You’ll have to go travelling again! Or under that duvet 🙂 The gentlest of hugs!

      3. *laughing ….. duvet is the closest just now. *smile – going to get some morphine into the old body. Girlfriend, I need a hard hug … *smile

  2. I love your first six words and am glad to see you at home. That airplane shot is AMAZING. The Fado performance shot was my second favorite. And so many beautiful benches – especially the black and white and the ‘deliberate mistake.

    1. It’s all Jude’s fault! 🙂 I couldn’t get benches out of my head the whole 2 weeks. They were everywhere I looked. Thanks, Lisa! As you fly in over the islands you do get some terrific views and it catches my breath every time.

    1. I do, Gem 🙂 Never satisfied, some folk! Plotting and scheming- why can’t the silly woman be content? Just not in my nature. I guess I fear the ticking clock.
      That bench was crazy! 🙂

  3. Mmmm… well, what can I say. You have definitely got a few benches that fit into the challenge, and you even tried to get into my good books by slipping a black and white one in, so I guess I shall have to forgive you. I hope some of them will appear again later in the year. That first image had me gasping! And what with all those benches I am going to have to make a trip to Tavira this year. What’s May/June like?
    Jude xx

    1. It’s bench perfect, Jude 🙂 (she says humbly, grovelling just a bit) May/June is perfect! I have an invite to a botanical walk on 21st March and I’m SO tempted. I haven’t checked flights yet. I’m in Poland with Dad 29th April to 7th May so my next trip should be either just before or after that. 🙂

      1. Well the OH has a birthday on 31st May so I’m thinking of the end of May. I remember you posted about a hotel there which looked nice. Any other options such as an apartment to rent? And would we need a car? I presume you rent a car whilst there.

    2. Watching Rafa and Fognini on ‘live scores’ because it’s not televised! Nightmare 😦 Yes, we car hire. Can send you the details and our agents Land and Houses have decent apartments if you prefer that option 🙂

      1. Yes please! You should have my email address – I have made enough comments! Or use the contact page on my blog 🙂

        (I have a secret plan here – to seduce the OH into considering a place in Portugal and maybe a cheaper option in the UK. I’d love to spend the winter in the sun)

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