Six word Saturday


Home again, with just my memories!

Flying into Faro

Flying into Faro

Can it be 3 weeks since I took this shot?  I love flying in, across the offshore islands, and looking out for landmarks. Planning what we’re going to do with all that time!  The friends we’ll meet, the walks we’ll take, nice meals and restaurants to enjoy…  Then, all too quickly, it’s gone, and I’m home again.  But at least I have the blog to share a few of my memories.

First day there, I always stroll around Tavira, looking for changes and familiarising myself with ‘old friends’.  This year I found myself fixated on benches!  They were everywhere I looked.  Jude has a lot to answer for!

The perfect place to look at my favourite bridge

The perfect place to look at my favourite bridge

Did I hear you cry ‘enough benches!’  You have to be joking.  Loads still to come.  But for the sake of variety, I did spot a few other things, en route.

I always like to check out any new shops, too.  Casa da Bli on Rua da Liberdade was full of goodies- toiletries, wine and lots of pretty things.

I always check out new shops too

Aren’t these lovely?

And just across the street, this handsome fellow

And just across the street, this handsome fellow

We listened to some excellent Fado too, at newly opened Fado com Historia.  A post will follow.

A wonderful performance, given daily

A wonderful performance, at Fado com Historia

Naturally, we got out and about walking in the beautiful countryside, and I hope to entertain you with some of that in my Monday walks.  But I can’t resist a snippet or two, while I’m daydreaming.

And how about this for a view?

And how about this for a view?

And a place to just sit and stare!

And a place to just sit and stare!

Of course, what Jude really wanted to see this month was black and white benches, so I have no choice but to conform.  But not before I share a sunset seat.

But not before I share a sunset seat, for lovers

For lovers

Will this do, Jude?

Will this do, Jude?

For those of you not familiar with the Bench Challenge, please follow my link and all will be explained.  Please conform a little more than me though.  I don’t want to make Jude cross.

Meantime, have a lovely weekend.  It’s a glorious Spring day here in the north east of England so it’s not so bad to be home.  Please do find time to visit Cate at Show My Face and share your six words, won’t you?



    1. It’s a nice place and I’m very lucky to be able to visit regularly. Your own images are simply stunning. I find people impossible to photograph (unless they’re far away 🙂 )


  1. I love the way you revisit to reacquaint yourself as a first act. You make Tavira look very inviting in many ways – bridges, benches, views, cheese. Thank you for a strategy to settle as I move from place to place.


  2. I’m sure Jude will forgive you Jo…after all, you have some gorgeous bench photos here! I have to get my B&W up this week, but since I got my new laptop, my old photo editing programme has been replaced with one I have no idea how to use – Picasa. So I am learning as I go…which of course slows me down no end…again :/ Anyway, enough of that. I love this post as I caught that ‘first day of a holiday’ feel from it and made me feel as if I was going along for the ride – or should I say flight. No wonder you keep going back…it really is absolutely gorgeous. I’m trying to tempt hubby to take me on a ‘blue sky’ holiday, even just for a weekend – Porto for instance – and reading this makes me even more determined! And now I’m really going to bed, with thoughts of blue skies and sandy beaches running through my mind. Hugs dear Jo, so lovely to have you back…


      1. Sounds fab…until I met you, I never considered Portugal for some reason, but now I’m well and truly hooked!!! Thanks Jo…catch up with you soon, and goodnight to you lovely lady 🙂

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