Jo’s Monday walk : Praia da Rocha

Winter in the Algarve- the deserted beach at Praia da Rocha

Winter in the Algarve- the deserted beach at Praia da Rocha

Despite the high rise, I’m sure you can see the attraction?  Praia da Rocha was the Algarve’s earliest resort, and it still makes a pleasant place for a winter stroll.  I don’t have much time to create a walk post, having just arrived home, so I’ll be starting you off very gently.

Praia da Rocha and the city of Portimão meld into one where the River Arade empties into the Atlantic Ocean, on Portugal’s southern coast.  Next week we can wander the river bank at leisure, but let’s start simply, with the beach, shall we?

Smart hotels line the promenade

Smart hotels line the promenade

In contrast, the remains of the 17th century Fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar come as something of a surprise. Testimony to the days when pirate corsairs raided these shores.

Pirates beware!

Pirates beware!

But these days it's more of a look out

But these days it’s more of a look out

And isn’t that the most inviting causeway stretching out into the sea?  I think I can spy a lighthouse at the end.  Zip your jacket up!  A windsurfer or two is testing the breeze.

The empty beach tells it's own story!

The empty beach tells it’s own story

And playing with the shadows

And playing with the shadows

Collar huddled against that bracing wind, it’s a brisk stride back to the shelter of the cliffs.  You can feel yourself relax then, as the warmth tickles your shoulder blades.

Near perfect weather for sailing

Near perfect weather for sailing

But it’s the boardwalk that beckons, and those mysterious stacks at the end of the beach.

You can walk back along the beach, admiring the cliff face in detail, or return to the cliff top. There are several sets of steps.  Most of the available parking is around the marina, at the east end of the resort.  Let’s just pop our noses in there first, then go looking for something to eat.

Take your pick!

Take your pick!

If you’re not too hungry, you can wander out around the marina.  There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, even though many close in the winter.  I’m moving on to Portimão, and I hope you’ll join me there, next Monday.

walking logo

I had a wonderful two weeks ‘away from it all’, and I have so many of you to catch up with! Thank you for your patience.  I’ll stop by as soon as I can.  Meantime, there are some wonderful walks to share.  Some of you have been very diligent.  For anyone new to my walks, the logo or my Monday walks page will give you more details.  Goodness- I’m on to my second cuppa already!


Any of you know Warsaw?  That’s where my lovely friend Meg is right now, visiting family   :

Shopping in Praga

Paula has been checking out ‘restless fliers’ in Zagreb.  No, nothing to do with me!

Shooting birds on the lake

I can’t ski but I’m always game for a chair lift or two!  Thanks, Drake  :

Off-white or rough white

Two Megs this week, just to confuse you!  This one’s in Virginia  :

A Winter walk

Lucy often stays in Paris, lucky lady!  Share a beautiful walk with her in St. Germain  :

The streets of St. Germain

What about a little poetry next?  And a classic from Dionne Warwick- thanks, Esther  :

Walk on By

Amy really does take wonderful photos.  Just check these out!  :

Architecture walking tour of downtown Fort Worth

Welcome to Anabel, who introduces us to a beautiful light show in Glasgow Botanic Gardens.  Jude- you’ll like this!

Electric Gardens

And you can rely on Elena for quirky!

Hundertwasser House in Vienna

I’ve always wanted to visit the Far East, so I’m very happy to tour Vientiane with Colibrist  :

Experimental travel in Vientiane, Laos

Who wouldn’t want to eat with Yvette, and share music with Frizz?  What a combination!

Pasto Italiano (and Belichick quote)

Or maybe try beachcombing with Tobias  :

A Walcheren walk

The Eternal Traveler has joined us this week with some stunning views of Japan.  I’m so jealous!

Unusual, unexpected, unbelievable

I’m delighted to end with lovely Sherri Matthews.  You can’t help but enjoy her stories  :

Virginia Woolf’s Round House and Lewes Priory

That’s it for this week, folks.  I didn’t think I’d make it!  Thank you for all your brilliant contributions, and I can’t wait to see what next week brings.  Have a good one!


    1. Thanks, Colibrist 🙂 You’re never too late for a Monday walk really. I just fit you in on the following week, whatever day you send me your walk. If they all come in on a Monday I’m always short of time because I’m usually out walking. Many thanks for joining me again 🙂 You too!

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  1. Welcome back Jo looks like you had a lovely break in the Algarve! That looks a great spot for a stroll especially without the crowds and I always love lighthouses! Hope you’re getting caught up with things and have a great weekend 🙂


    1. Reminds me- I should be on Seaton beach with the Nordic walkers this morning, Pauline, but looking at the grey sky I might give it a miss 😦 I’ll come to the beach with you, instead 🙂 Many thanks, love!


    1. I have been ‘off the radar’ for a couple of weeks and you know what WP is like when your back’s turned 🙂 Thanks for re-following. How was Warsaw? Good time, I hope 🙂


      1. I liked it but not as much as Wroclaw or Krakow. Because of recent history I think it is a place to have been to just to have been (if that makes sense) there rather than expect to see too much ?


      2. It does. Having only had 5/6 hours there, I left feeling there was much more to see and wouldn’t mind a return. Was the missus suitably impressed? 🙂


    1. You and me (oh, and don’t forget Jeff and Rocky 🙂 ) lazing on a blanket (maybe two?) with a big heap of books. Sound good? I might manage wine, too 🙂 🙂 What a temptress!


  2. Happy to have you back Jo! Impressed that you managed to take us on such a wonderful walk so soon. Love your photos, especially the first: of the dreamy, deserted beach 🙂


    1. Thanks, Madhu 🙂 I was thinking about what to post on the flight home (how’s that for dedication 🙂 ) and this was the simplest I could think of (out of the 1040 photos I took- all getting a little out of hand?) But don’t you just love it? The sharing, I mean?

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    1. Switzerland is one of my regrets, Elizabeth. I touched briefly on Lugano one year in the Italian Lakes (oh, how I loved those! It seems a lifetime away 🙂 ) and I’ve seen a little of Austria but there’s so much still to see. That’s the story of my life, I’m afraid. 🙂 Many thanks for sharing.


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