Six word Saturday


Just time for a brisk walk!

You know, already, where  this is!

You know, already, where this is!

So much about London is iconic, isn’t it?  This time last week, I was whirling along the city streets!  I still have a canal walk to share with you, but today I’m saying goodbye for a while.

Talking of iconic!

Talking of iconic!

How blue is that sky?

How blue is that sky?

Under Blackfriar’s Bridge next.  I hadn’t walked this part in a long time so it felt new to me, though some of it’s very old.  I love the contrast.

And sleekly modern London

Sleekly modern London in the making

Who can fail to love this bridge?

Who can fail to love this bridge?

Yes, Meg, I know I’m going to be teased mercilessly about rivers and bridges, but how can I not show you London’s finest, in the short time that I have?

St. Paul's, across the Millenium Bridge

St. Paul’s, across the Millenium Bridge

Can you tell that I’m just a little in love with our capital city?  I had a fine weekend, but it’s back to the peaceful life for me. Early tomorrow morning I fly to the Algarve, hoping to find more blue skies.  I’ll probably struggle to reply to many of you today, but hopefully I’ll make it up to you when I’m back.

Don’t forget the 6Friends Theory competition, will you?  You never know what could happen. And, of course, visit Cate at Show My Face to share your week.  I hope it was a good one.



      1. Hi Jo, I have been out of touch–just got back from a writing retreat and it was an eye opener to be without wifi for so long! But all is well, thank you! Glad to be back and find spring flowers all in bloom. Wishing you a delightful spring!

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  1. Ah, London – a very interesting and vibrant city. I enjoyed my walks around when I visited. I found London Eye to be really big. Big Ben on the other hand was not as big as I expected – a sentiment I have heard from another tourist.


  2. Oh, we have lots of bridges here in my country. But they’re very humble and not as grand as those in your photos.

    It is always nice to see photos of a side of the world that’s different from where I live 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pics, Jo.


    1. Phew! I’ll have to pull out all the stops to get a walk out for tomorrow, Sherri 🙂 I’ve just downloaded my Algarve photos having been back for long enough to cook a meal, do one load of James’ washing and talk to my daughter. (whose wedding anniversary and birthday it was while I was away) I’ll put your link in now and read it properly as soon as I’ve cobbled mine together. 🙂

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  3. Love that blue sky! You have so many fantastic sights to see! The Millenium Bridge is spectacular. We have a rather new ferris wheel in Seattle. (They call it the Big Wheel.) I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe next summer.


  4. alcune immagini di Londra la fanno lontana, come una capitale aliena, sembra quasi irreale a volte disabitata…mi è molto piaciuto questo viaggio…ti invidio per l’Algarve, uffi, per ora devo lavoare ma non mi perderò qualche week nei dintirni
    baci, baci


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