Six word Saturday


A very frustrating couple of days!

But I'm still smiling!

But I’m still smiling!

I can’t begin to explain the frustrations, nor is it appropriate, but I almost didn’t make Six word Saturday this week. Now that I’m here, I’m simply going to share a few more lovely pieces of glasswork from the National Glass Centre at Sunderland, and make a hasty exit!

I'd love some of these for next year's tree

I’d love some of these for next year’s tree

And how about these?

And how about these?

They're just so sweet!

They’re just so sweet!

Hard to pick a favourite!

Hard to pick a favourite!

January is now well into its stride, so it’s time to put all that behind me.  Join me for next Monday’s walk, won’t you? We can stop off at the National Glass Centre for coffee afterwards.

Hope you all have a good weekend.  Hang on to your hats- it’s wild out there!  I’m off to check out Cate at Show My Face.  She’d love you to play too.



    1. Madhu! Delighted to see you! I have been wondering? But your posts were less frequent and I thought you might be deliberately ‘pulling back’ a little. I’ve popped in a couple of times and nothing new so I’m relieved to see you here and will return your visit NOW 🙂

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your frustrating days but glad to hear that despite them you are still smiling. Those glass angels are divine! I bet they would look lovely with twinkly Christmas lights. 😉


    1. The photo was taken back in September with a healthy Algarve tan, Paula. It’s all a bit complicated to go into but I was offered some time in London (for free) which proved much more harassing than I ever imagined. Pride comes before a fall 🙂


      1. Oh boy, I don’t know what to think of it, but I hope you are well now. I don’t usually trust people that offer things for free – and even if I do, I don’t like taking them on their offer.


  2. I have a glass angel, though I don’t have a tree these days so its been a while since I saw her! I am looking forward to another visit to the glass centre. Hugs to you (( ))
    Jude xx


    1. I think Mam had one once. She loved glass. I think they’re beautiful too. There was a tiny one inside a glass bauble. Why didn’t I buy one? I didn’t even look at the price I was so busy trying to get ok photos. 😦
      Did you see my response to Jill? Decent photos of me are a rarity and I half-like this one 🙂 Especially the car part!
      Have you been away or off-line for a day or so, Jude? I posted most of my Glass Centre pics on but I still have a couple left 🙂 Hope you’re fit and well?


  3. Some weeks are frustrating. I hope everything is straightened out for you now. And thanks for your good wishes. I AM having a good weekend. My daughter flew over from the other side of the state, and we’ve been talking and taking walks. I’m looking forward to your Glass Center walk.


  4. so sorry to hear about the frustrating couple of days arghhh…. and well heres to better day ahead…
    also – you look great next to that pink car – and what cool glass!!!


      1. I agree – and that note you made about the half car brings me back to summer 1991 – and a special friend named Casey. A cool chick – and we worked together for a bout a month – but stayed friends all summer – and we went to visit her one night at her other job – and she sold beer (i mean PIWO) from the back of “half a pick up truck” that was in this club near a college in FL (UCF) – but it was so funny to see the keg in the back of it and I guess she made decent money for the shift she was doing that.

        ahhh…. memories…
        anyhow, have a great day restless one….

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    1. I have so few photos of me that I think are acceptable, Jill, I can seldom resist sharing, and this one was back in September, in an American Diner (in Hartlepool!) when I still had that Algarve glow 🙂 Sending you a hug!


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