Six word Saturday


Does anyone out there like owls?


I have a lovely friend who likes owls.  I can understand that.  There is something very appealing about the little guys.  Funny thing is, I seem to see them everywhere I go these days.  

Don't forget the baby!

But don’t forget the baby!

Had any good owl sightings lately?  You’ll probably find some when you’re out Saturday shopping.

Enjoy your Saturday, whatever you plan to do.  My first job is always Six word Saturday.  Cate at Show My Face has been running this challenge for the longest time.  Join in if you’d like.



  1. Your lovely friend is not the only one that loves owls. I love them too and I bought a few figurines when I was in Tuscany. I’ve just noticed you are going pink this October, and I noticed a post about breast health on Ese’s blog. Were there some bad news while I was away?

    1. Hi Paula 🙂 I can expect some imaginative posts using them, then (the figurines).
      It’s simply Breast Cancer Awareness month. I don’t usually respond but the header caught my attention.

  2. Owls are so cute, I’ve got an owl cushion on my sofa, good old BHS to thank for it. They seem to be everywhere at the moment but that’s fine with me…and you too by the looks of it! Hope you had a great weekend Jo. Now over to your Monday walk… 🙂

      1. Saturday was glorious here, Sunday not so good but…I got all my bulbs in and even did a winter hanging basket and pot if you can believe it. I’m still reeling from the shock, lol 😉 Enjoy your cuppa and keep cosy… 🙂

      1. Me neither, apart from the Tawny Frog mouth that occasionally visits us and I’ve been told that they’re technically not an owl. I always loved the owl characters in Disney animations as well as the one in Winnie the Pooh and Hedwig in Harry Potter 🙂

  3. I love owls – we get them here in Western Australia I think they must be a slightly different family branch to the European ones. A few months ago one paid us a visit and sat on our pool fence for ages (we kept the cat indoors!). Enjoy your weekend 🙂

      1. It was a real treat Jo – there is an owl family who live in the park opposite our house the babies are so cute! The cat was chafing at the bit to get out of the door! Eventually the owl nonchalantly flew off I have photos somewhere! 🙂

  4. I like owls. The first and last photos are my favorite of your owls. Owls have been popular here in the states for a few years now. I am more a fox person though as it is my maiden name so I have a connection to them! 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love owls and I love yours! I have a very strong memory which my grandparents confirmed really happened – I was very young, still in a pushchair, and staying with them in the country. One night my grandfather wrapped me up warm and we went walking to listen to the owls and watch them – such a special moment and I love that I remember it!

  6. Other than real live owls I cannot say that I am interested in them, but you are right, they do seem to be very popular. I think it is because of the eyes – large round eyes always seem so cute.

      1. I love hearing owls at night – have heard one a few times here, but heard lots when I lived in Hampshire/Surrey. I shall check out Yvette’s video.

  7. I enjoy owls in decorations and found at Walgreens, a black bottle a little wider than a pop bottle with a glass stopper in it, with a white painted owl and the word, “Potions,” written on the black bottle. It is my newest addition to my Halloween collection. I put a white glazed glass pumpkin beside it, on a shelf. You have a wonderful number of owls featured here! smiles!

  8. Those little buggers are SO cute, and so are the real live versions which I haven’t seen sunce the dats Dad would spot one in our field.

    I read about a year ago that the “new trend” in decorating home murseries here in the US was shifting from blue or pink cutesie to a brown-green-blue color scheme for male & female bsbies with OWLS as the predominate theme. There must be some truth to it because I see many wide-eyed owls in home decor sections of our stores, so someone’s buying the switch!

  9. That is such a funny thing, I adore them and just bought a wooden one this week! We saw one up close and live at a festival this summer too. They are everywhere it seems, especially during October here, with all the Halloween decorations out and about.

  10. The other night, a large one was up in our tree – he was hooting for a bit. I’m thinking there was something out there that he was about to have for dinner.

  11. I Jo, I too like owls. I heard on the other night just past midnight, screeching away..
    If you have too many I could use a few to scare the birds off our balcony.

    1. Hiya Cathy! 🙂 Bet you’ve got something lined up for the weekend? It’s beautiful again here today- the strangest Autumn. I’ve come inside briefly to watch the Shanghai tennis final- no not Rafa, bless him. He’s not doing too well at the minute. Weekend hugs! 🙂

      1. Ha, Jo, sadly I didn’t line up anything for this weekend as we had to work all day Saturday to make up for the holiday. I’m off today, Sunday, but it’s back to work tomorrow.

        I’m glad you’re having a beautiful, but strange (?), autumn!

        Oh Jo, what will you do if Rafa’s not doing well? How will you survive? Hugs to you on this Sunday afternoon. xxx

      1. They can be pretty snappy 😉 Reminds me of a presentation by some reptile expert, where I got to hold some newly hatched Nile crocs. Nippy! …but not yet capable of swallowing even your pinky. Not for want of trying, though.

      1. Definitely amazing to see them in the wild. There is one that loves to sit on my Mom’s TV antennae that sits on top of her house. Maybe he’s watching a good program 🙂

  12. love the different owls you give us!
    I have two different memories with teaching about owls – in the art room with some nice success by combining it with tree sketches – and then with younger kids in a summer science class where they dissected owl pellets and learned about hoots/calls.

    We always loved hearing the
    barred owl hoot cos it sounds like “Who-cooks-for-you”

      1. well glad I could share the little snippet of “who cook’s for you” -and you should think about ordering the owl pellets to explore e- kids love them and they are so educational – well – maybe not – but hey – have a good day my friend ❤

  13. buongiorno Jo, qui in Italia si dice che i gufi portino fortuna e ho molti amici che li collezionano di qualunque dimensione e tipo, credo che farò loro vedere questo post…non so magari si decideranno a passare dalle tue parti per fare altri acquisti, he he!
    buon sabato cara

    1. 6WS done, a walk across the park to zumba next, then collapse for a while today. Maybe even in the garden with a book if it’s nice enough. Happy days, Ventis. Many thanks for your lovely company. 🙂

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