A Lingering Look at windows : week 41

Any guesses where?

Any guesses where?

It seems so long since we were there, yet it’s barely two months.  I suspect it’s much longer than that since I took part in Dawn’s Lingering Look at windows, so I thought that I’d bring the two together this week.

Come and press your nose up against a few windows with me.  Click on a photo to start the gallery and look for clues.

But just in case you haven't guessed

But just in case you haven’t guessed

It’s Paris, of course!  One of my many wonderful memories this year.

Dawn keeps finding interesting windows, week after week.  Maybe you have some you’d like to share?  Click on this link to visit the challenge.


  1. Paris has so many great windows, Jo! I love them all. Love the topiary windows and the reflections of clouds in the abandoned building. And of course the pyramid at the Louvre. Is the stained glass from Notre Dame?


      1. Scratches are unbelievably quick to heal – I just can’t believe how healed I feel :D. I started a new blog here, totally different, but I am determined to refresh and improve my Portuguese in 150 days. I post a lesson every day, and it is such fun. I think I will go to Portugal in Spring 😉 If you are interested to check it out here is the link http://anytongue.wordpress.com/. I started with Portuguese, but later on I will add other languages, even Danish ( I think which I only speak one sentence of :D)


    1. Glad you’re feeling more chirpy. I got as far as lesson 3 but my laptop downloaded some updates this morning and things are not responding quite as normal, making me even more confused than normal. 🙂


  2. Lovely windows, lovely challenge, lovely photos.

    I think I’m going to check this out, although odds are good that I won’t play until December – NaNo is coming! NaNo is coming!

    So happy you brought me to Paris! =D


      1. I love when a new challenge captivates me – and I also love windows and capturing them in images….so this one is a really good fit.

        She must have a tremendous amount of creative energy! =D


  3. immagino come siano stati preziosi i tuoi giorni dell’anniversario del matrimonio nella bella Parigi! città romantica in cui si trovano sempre angoli straordinari da ammirare e fotografare,
    la prima foto, quella della vetrata è veramente straordinaria, grazie
    ti auguro di trascorrere un sabato molto felice
    ti abbraccio, cara!


  4. love the photos! You have got a talent for spotting all the little details and bringing a fresh perspective to a familiar destination


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