Jo’s Monday walk : Santa Luzia

The patron saint of the village

The patron saint of the village

I could wander around Santa Luzia all day and every day.  So many of the houses are clothed in beautiful azulejo tiles.  Just 2 km west of Tavira, this fishing village has an identity all of its own. Modern housing has been added, and a new seafront promenade since my first visit, more than 10 years ago.  Yet somehow this village is timeless and defies outsiders to change its true nature. Would you like to share it with me?  We’ll take just a slow walk today.  There’s plenty of time.

The waterfront is where I usually start

The waterfront is where I usually start

It's an easy place to spend time

It’s an easy place to spend time

The palm trees don’t provide much shade, but there are plenty of cafes lining the waterfront.  It’s a place where you could idle away many an hour, just watching and wondering.  Avenida Duarte Pacheco is the village’s main street and behind it there are only a handful of others. Getting lost really isn’t an option, but you’re welcome to try.

A typical house on Duarte Pacheco, next to a cafe

A typical house on Duarte Pacheco, next to a cafe


Isn't this just beautiful?

Isn’t this just beautiful?

I’m going to be a very lazy tour guide today and simply let you wander.  The details that appeal to each of us are different, aren’t they?  I think you should have time to choose where to linger.

The whole seems to me to blend together.  The locals go about their business, paying little heed to the tourists.  I always venture a smile and ‘Bom dia’ and without fail there is a response.

I’m going to be just a little naughty now.  You remember my fondness for boats?  For just 3 or 4 months in Summer a ferry runs from Santa Luzia across to the ilha, Tavira Island.  It’s only a 10 minute crossing, so just about time to get comfortable.  One of the nice things, though, is the opportunity it gives you to observe Santa Luzia from the water.  Would you like to see?  And if you’re full of energy, you can have a swift stride down the beach.  I’ll be right with you!

Not so bad, was it?  Just one last look at Santa Luzia and you’ll want to eat.  Casa do Polvo, at the eastern end of the front, is great if you’re an octopus fan.  On some evenings you can listen to fado there too, and even join in and sing a little if the fancy takes you.  Away from the front there are a number of small restaurants.  Most will feed you well.  It’s just a matter of taste.

I’m hoping you enjoyed this week’s walk.  Not too strenuous, was it?  And the Eastern Algarve is easy on the eye, I always think?

Next week will be an English walk and very different.  I’m going to my daughter’s in Nottingham next weekend and will be travelling back on the Monday.  I’m going to attempt to schedule a walk.  I’ve never done that before but am hoping it’s easy.  If all else fails, I will be home by teatime and will post the walk then.  Wish me luck!

walking logo

Wow!  What a week!  So many fantastic entries.  You’re definitely going to need a cuppa, or even two, to read your way through.  I’m off to put the kettle back on.  Thank you so much, everybody, for joining Jo’s Monday walk.  The details are in my logo.

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That’s it for now, folks.  Have a very splendid week and happy walking!


    1. Quite funny coming to your comment today, Vasilis. I posted a photo including an octopus on Saturday. 🙂 Many thanks for sharing a walk. I’m a little behind this week owing to a visit to my daughters but I’ll catch up.


  1. Jo, I do remember the views of Santa Luzia from the water in that long-ago summer of 2013. It seems ages ago now. Now I wish we had gotten off the boat and taken a stroll, but we really didn’t have enough time, did we? It looks like a lovely town and I could very much enjoy wandering the streets or spending a sleepy time at a cafe. Thanks for adding my walk to your post; mine is boring in comparison to this! I hope you have a fun time visiting Lisa; looking forward to seeing your walk in her neck of the woods. xxx


    1. I was thinking of you on the boat trip across to the ilha, Cathy 🙂 How can one summer seem so long ago? The adventures you’ve had since then!
      Love ya, darlin’. Checking out till Monday unless I sneak online on Lisa’s PC. The lady takes a LONG time to get ready. 🙂 🙂 Hugs, Cathy!


  2. thanks for this colorful walk Jo – and I need to come back and try to look at every one of the other walkers who joined you this week 🙂
    anyhow, I also loved this walk because in the 1990’s I used to have this workout “video” and it was filmed on some beach in Santa Luzia – and well – it was just cool to see so many wonderful parts of this place after doing that workout back then – ha!
    have a great week ❤


  3. Oh Jo, I needed that walk so much! I am always reminded so much of Crete when I see the sharp contrast of the pure white buildings set against the brightest of blue skies. All these lovely photos made me feel as if I’ve just taken in some fresh sea air, felt the hot sun on my arms and enjoyed a short ferry ride to the beach. Thank you so much…just what the doctor ordered 🙂
    PS Have a lovely time with your daughter…I’ll try and to a ‘walk’ soon 🙂


    1. Thanks, darlin’ 🙂 Don’t fret about a walk, Sherri. You have other priorities and I’m just grateful that you make time to come here.
      We had a rare sunny day today and I went to Studley Royal in Yorkshire this afternoon. Be-ee-oo-tiful water gardens! I suspect they’ll be in a walk in the next couple of weeks. 🙂
      Haven’t seen Lisa since February so I’m long overdue a hug or two. Take care!

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