Six word Saturday


 The tents were up- show time!

The row of white tents transform the riverside

The row of white tents transform the riverside

Whenever there’s a fair or an event, a sea of little white tents mushroom along the riverside at Tavira.  Usually it’s confined to one bank of the river, alongside the gardens.  When I saw tents lining both river banks, I knew something big was happening.  The second Mediterranean Diet Fair had come to town!

Time to eat healthy!

Time to eat healthy!

Some of the products on display didn’t quite fit with my idea of healthy eating, but it’s all about selling as much as you can of locally produced goods.  You’ll see what I mean.

With a sweet thing or two

Anyone got a sweet tooth?

As the sun goes down the atmosphere builds

As the sun goes down the atmosphere builds

It’s not just food.  There are all kinds of things to buy.  Owls, for instance!

Anyone have a weakness for owls?

Anyone have a weakness for owls?

The cork was used for larger products too

The cork was used for larger products too

And some strange things!

And there were some rather strange things!

The local shopkeepers are not always so keen on these events.  They take away precious customers.  But most people are happy to browse a little.

Casa das Portas is ever popular

Casa das Portas is ever popular


I hope you enjoyed your Saturday browse round the shops and stalls.  The fair was accompanied by entertainment every evening too.  What a treat!  The Eastern Algarve usually is, I find.

Don’t forget to play Six word Saturday will you?  Cate at Show My Face is our hostess and will tell you the ‘rules’.  Have a happy weekend!



  1. Did we go in Karisma when I was there, Jo? It does look very inviting. That looked like a fun fair, but you’re right, it didn’t seem the food was entirely healthy! I love the owls, and the other little items for sale. You know me, I would have needed to buy another suitcase. 🙂

    1. No, not Karisma, Cathy. It may have been closed. Saved you from yourself! Though the jewellery doesn’t weigh much. 🙂 Casa das Portas has moved again and has an even bigger shop now!

      1. Oh yes, Casa das Portas. The door photographs!! or paintings, weren’t they? I wanted one of those so badly!! It would have weighed a lot more than the jewelry though. I couldn’t have fit anything else in my bag. 🙂

  2. Thank you for expanding my concept of the Mediterranean Diet. I shall make use of my increased understanding to expand my … longevity … with cake! My favourite is the evening light from the buildings to the tents. And what is it with owls?

    1. You like them? (owls) They were meant for a friend who is a bit of a collector.
      And I think you mean rotundity when it comes to cake, Meg? I do like that shot, though. 🙂
      Good weekend?

    1. Tempting wasn’t it, Ad? Are you managing ok with Ma-in-law? Stair lift installation is pretty quick. Dad’s got one and he’d be marooned downstairs without it. I often wish he had a little flat though.

  3. I have a terrible weakness for owls as I do for donkeys. Good thing I wasn’t there – I would have left a fortune 😀 Thank you for sharing these treasures, Jo 🙂

    1. I really wanted a cork donkey or elephant to sit in our hall, by the door, and welcome people, Paula. I once had my eye on a rather silly giraffe but we didn’t buy it, so of course it was gone when we went back. Our hall is rather boring. 😦

      1. I have no idea how much it cost and was busy trying to take photos while the stall holder frowned at me. I think he thought I was stealing ideas. As if I could make one of those!!!

  4. Stunning photo’s of a great day Jo and those little tents are cute indeed. Looks like little castles. 😀

    I am sure the people who love sweet things enjoyed it there. You would fine me at the owls stall for sure and at the little shops. 😀

    1. No sweet tooth, Sonel? 🙂 I can be tempted but in the main I’m a savouries girl. Temptation is everywhere in Portugal though, because I love almonds and figs and they’re in everything. 🙂
      Thanks, hon. Gentle hugs! I can just about see a patch of blue in the sky today. Yay! 🙂

      1. Nope. Not at all hon, unless it’s cheesecake or apple tart. hahahah. I so prefer salty savouries and it’s a good thing I don’t live there. I’d be rolling around in no time. hahahahah. I do love almonds and figs as well. So healthy! 😀

        You’re welcome hon and gentle hugs to you as well and thanks for mine. Love it. 😀

        So glad to hear that sweetness. Have a beautiful day. 😀

  5. Looks like a fun market, Jo. You took some very nice pictures. The fare reminds me of Istanbul’s Grand Market. The setup reminds me of London’s Camden Lock Market and the Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market.

  6. so THAT’s why you went to Tavira! Healthy Med Diet hey? My OH bought me figs covered in chocolate for my birthday last year – I hope he remembers this year too, they were heavenly! Also like the marzipan – I know – neither are very healthy are they!

      1. That’s two of us, then…. The weather here has been quite good, admittedly, but my mood will go down when I’m fatigued. Instead of doing ‘must do’ things, I have been catching up on blogs, seeing a few friends and reading (currently Cutting for Stone, a beautifully written book). I’m beginning to feel more human!

    1. Tish, do you have a second blog? I’m always returned to the same post and presume it’s because you’re busy with your writing? But then I thought I might be missing a trick? I have a habit of that. 😦

    1. I love that table too, Indah. 🙂 I didn’t see a price on it but I was eyeing up the elephant and the donkey. I like to buy cork goods because the industry isn’t so affluent as it once was with all the screw top wine bottles around.

  7. Down the road from where I live, there’s a monthly Growers’ Market every first Saturday.

    It isn’t a real growers’ market, but manned by retailers who’ve bought from growers. The prices are appalling !
    Yours looks like more fun ! 🙂

    1. How did you do that, Mrs. M? Post a photo into my comments? You’re way too clever for me (but I still like you anyway 🙂 )
      These food prices are good. They have to be or the locals wouldn’t buy. I didn’t check on the goods so much.

      1. If you really want to know I’ll willingly tell you. It’s simple. 🙂
        Here in Sydney, we’re all such wankers that we buy the produce, regardless. :-\

      2. I think it’s because we want to be seen as rich wankers. I can see no other reason to pay around AUD8 for a loaf of (as ever !) sourdough bread.

    1. I have a blogging friend who collects them, Viv, and they were largely for her benefit, but I thought the cork ones were cute. I very much approve of the use of cork in manufactuing because the Algarve has yards of it and it’s not used as much for corks worldwide now. 🙂

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