Six word Saturday


This is my last Awards post.

Why, you might ask?  I may never receive another and then the problem won’t arise.  But the fact is that I write a travel blog, and truly love doing it. When I began my blogging adventure, the concept of Awards was an amazement to me.  Then it did what it was supposed to do and introduced me to some wonderful people.  LOTS of wonderful people.

It is a point of pride with me that I respond to and visit every single person who places a like or a comment on my blog.   I will always do this.  And it will lead me to more wonderful people. Trouble is, it has a kind of snowball effect, though I hate to mention that word after the winter some of us have had! So I will wear my Awards with pride, and I will maintain an Awards page to thank those lovely people who have heaped honours on me.  Thank you all so much.  But I won’t be posting any awards acceptance posts after today.








Got to end with killer shoes!  This Seven Awards in One was passed on to me by Sherri Matthews. Talk about go out with a bang!  Sherri is a lovely lady who stays positive and full of warmth despite the difficulties presented by her daughter’s Asperger’s Syndrome.  I’ve learned a lot and laughed a lot alongside Sherri.  She is a pleasure to know.

Shelley at Living with Shadows was kind enough to bestow the Dragons Loyalty Award on me too. Nothing like a bit of fire on a winter’s morning, or even a chilly Spring one.  Shelley has her own health issues, but escapes into fantasy when she can.  If you can find the time, and haven’t met them, please go and say hello.




I couldn’t leave without a few Spring flowers by way of apology.  Enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to share six words with Cate at Show My Face. My word count says 340.  I must have gone wrong somewhere!



  1. Congratulations Jo! You certainly are loved by many (including me, of course!). I’m personally not a fan of these awards, because I believe them to be more about self-promotion than recognition (I often think of them as similar to chain letters), but they certainly do reflect your commitment to visit everyone who likes or comments on your posts. I don’t do that, and the numbers certainly do show that. I just don’t have time! But these are well-deserved Jo. You’re the best! Congratulations. 🙂 — I agree that your time is better spent walking. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Cathy! 🙂 I’m fighting technology tonight (and losing, of course) I can’t disable the comments on my reblog of Amy, so that she gets them instead of me. And now I find I can no longer put borders round my photos! The format has changed and I don’t have an “advanced settings”. I just might cry! No- I’ll probably go in the bath instead 🙂


      1. Oh no, now that I learned the advanced settings, you’re telling me they’re no longer there!!?? What? Oh no, that’s really disappointing, Jo. I think a bath is the perfect remedy. Don’t cry. Have a glass of wine in the bath, with candles, instead. 🙂


      2. Just waiting for Mick to come out of the bath (don’t go there, Cathy!) and I’ve already had a glass and a half of red to drown my sorrows 🙂


      3. Yes, I see that they’ve now changed the photo editing on WordPress and I don’t see the advanced settings either. I hoped it was only on the Suits theme, but it appears to be across the board! I wonder why on earth people have to mess with things that work!! I need a glass of wine now, Jo. And a bath. 😦


  2. A lovely post Jo, and a wonderful way to explain your acceptance of awards. I will say it again though, you really do deserve every single award and the way you take the time to visit everyone who comments and/or likes is very commendable and honourable. Thank you for your lovely words and I look forward to many more laughs to come 🙂


    1. Hi Sherri 🙂 Glad you don’t mind me doing this. I really needed to call time. And I’ve just remembered this morning that I need to put the widgets in the sidebar and update my Awards page. I got too carried away with my walking! Many thanks, hon.


  3. I want to order a Campari with grapefruit juice with loads of ice when see this ….. promise I will meet you in the shade one day. Stunningly beautiful post, Jo. Can we go tomorrow.


  4. What a wonderful way to say … that no more awards, please … I know where you’re coming from and I love when people appreciate my blog, but the awards takes time and time is something we have very little of when blogging. I’m so happy over that I belong to your world and to have you in mine is a fantastic award for me.
    Beautiful said. Thanks for being you, Jo!
    What an inspiration – and you have all those words in your heat!!! More than 6!


    1. Never short of words, Vivi, unless you want Polish ones! 🙂 You can have your campari here, or in the Algarve- I don’t mind. Just happy with your company! 🙂 Tired out from walking hug!


      1. Same here …. talk far too much and write too much too. 500 words rule, forget it. *smile
        Girlfriend … I can have a Campari anywhere, It was something I was introduced to at a bar in Biarritz in late 70’s and I drank it only in Biarritz for nearly 30 years. Have to cut that rule because too complicated to get from Sweden to Biarritz for a campari – easier from Gatwick with Easyjet or Ryanair. *smile


  5. I heartily endorse your decision, Jo.

    I removed all awards from my blog and gratefully decline them now, expressing appreciation to the lovely people who nominate me(or used to do so)

    When I first got one I was thrilled. But then there were all the questions to answer and then to share with seven other bloggers etc.

    I can barely respond to the thoughtful and generous readers who like and comment on my photographs now and I am grateful they keep on looking despite my inability to keep up with tending the blog.

    I try to go on all of the blogs of commenters and like button pressers and leave a word to let them know I know they visited and that I am appreciative they stopped to look.

    Have a good week. I always enjoy your six words!
    Ruth in Pittsburgh


    1. I think you do an amazing job of ‘keeping up’, Ruth 🙂 Sometimes I ask myself why I jump the hoops. Do I need the appreciation and applause? Yes, I do! It’s become part of who I am. Thanks for being part of that world, Ruth. Hope this week is a great one for you.


  6. OK first, what a clever way to announce your intentions 🙂 Second, congrats on all of your awards, and third, I agree w you wholeheartedly on moving away from awards because once you accept you have to single out others and there are So many good bloggers out there it just doesnt’ seem fair. have a great weekend Jo!


      1. Beef and mushroom casserole with Yorkshire puddings and veg. Fairly traditional English. My husband’s preference. Dad will eat anything that doesn’t eat him 🙂


  7. I know why everyone wants to share an award with you but I totally understand your reasons for not doing any more acceptance posts. I feel exactly like you…I would rather answer every comment and visit bloggers. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely spring flowers…we still have a foot of snow on the ground and about 6 inches more coming this week so I enjoy you sharing your spring with us. Have a wonderful day.


  8. yes, don’t you dare say snowball!! 😀 and to have the time to look up everyone who gives you a like or comment…..some day when I retire I’ll have that time too. but for now I’m content with my part time blogging and meeting wonderful people across the globe. thanks for those lovely spring flowers. lovely, lovely colors!!


  9. You deserve all those awards, but you also deserve to focus your energy on your own creative endeavors. I did one award,way back when I was starting out, but I soon realized how time-consuming and repetitious they are. Comments, likes, follows, or even lurker visits are reward enough in my opinion. It’s all good. Have a fabulous Sunday!


  10. Congratulations on your latest award Jo and I can sympathize with your feelings, It can all become a bit too much. Still nice to feel appreciated though 🙂 Right, off to visit with Sherri …….


  11. buon giorno cara Giovanna,
    per mia natura sono contraria ai cosiddetti-premi virtuali- non ne voglio nel mio blog, però mi fa molto piacere che tu ne riceva tanti!
    per me il tuo premio migliore sono le meravigliose foto in cui traspare la vostra anime gentile, bella, generosa
    passa una felice domenica

    for my nature I am opposed to so-called virtual non-awards-I want in my blog, but I am very pleased that you receive so many!
    for me your best are the wonderful pictures that shines through your kind souls, beautiful, generous
    passes a happy Sunday


    1. Buon giorno, cara 🙂 Another bright and beautiful early morning here, and I am preparing my walking post for tomorrow. A little breakfast and then I might go out for a stroll before my Dad arrives for Sunday lunch. That’s my day. Hope yours is a happy one too!


  12. You’ve declined in your usual gracious manner. You have an incredible blog. I think comments and likes are plenty enough award/reward. I think it’s funny. It’s just like followers. I have over 500, yet the comments and likes are no where near that. Sometimes people just click to click and ship off award just to rid themselves of the obligation. You know you’re good. We know you’re good. It’s all good 😉


    1. It’s a strange world for sure, Gem! There’s a lot of warmth out there but there are ulterior motives too. It is the biggest buzz to have people who follow and comment regularly, and that you can build a relationship with. Something you probably have to experience to understand.

      You’re right- let’s not over analyse. Let’s just enjoy it for what it is. Many thanks for your support and friendship, Gem. 🙂


  13. As long as you keep blogging about your travels, since I live vicariously though your photos and story’s, I think you should do what makes YOU happy! Which is the best award of all!


    1. Tonya , that’s a lovely way to look at it, but in essence, you’re right. There isn’t much point in doing it if it doesn’t make me happy. Thank you so much for your support. 🙂


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