Remember those clouds?

The heavens descend to Hartlepool marina!

They landed in Hartlepool marina!

So much of photography is being in the right place at the right time, isn’t it?  I’ve done a lot of walking in the past few days because it’s been too nice to be indoors.  I was wearily heading home on Saturday teatime as the sun dipped in the sky.  Looking for the shortest possible route, I headed through Hartlepool marina, and this was my reward.

A handful of clouds had fallen in!

A handful of clouds were swimming

The boats reflected sharply in the sea of clouds.  I simply stood and stared.

An ordinary view, tinged with magic

An ordinary view, blessed with sky magic

A majestic pair

I felt like this majestic pair, totally at peace.

A smile on my face, I carried on towards home.  If you didn’t see it, I was chasing clouds on the horizon earlier in the week.  I seem to have shepherded them to our marina.

I’m linking this post to Paula’s Thursday’s Special.  So is Paula.  Go take a look.



      1. Indeed, I love it. I have never been take the pic like it. Lucky you to find that beautiful place. And only a pro one like you who cand capture it. You inspiring me!


      2. I think, tomorrow I’ll post some photos taht I’ve taken from a village inside karst area in Indonesia. It’s not a clouds but the shadow on the water are also awesome. So glad if you would see it. 🙂


    1. Still smiling, Vivi, but I just decided- maybe I won’t fly again! 🙂
      Did you see Cloudbusting by Kate Bush? It’s in my comments. More romantic than funny. I sent it to Gemma (First and Fabulous). She’s not blogging at the moment but we keep in touch.


      1. No I didn’t watch the video…. love her voice, but who wants more rain. *smile – Love her voice.
        I remember when I saw the Dean Martin thing on TV – living at home at the time .. and both mom and I nearly pee ourselves of laughter, still so funny …. I remember a couple of years ago, when the crew reported one of their pilots for being drunk in Stockholm. It was British Airways .. he could hardly walk. I know some pilots and what they are up to on stopovers. We don’t want to know. *smile


      1. We’re off out too – dog sitting for 2 weeks so sun came out at the right time. Remember my post about Seven Sisters cliffs and the coastguard cottages? The cliffs collapsed last week right up to one of the cottages so won’t be taking the doggy there!


      1. It’s finally a TAD warmer here, maybe 40 but after 10 that seems like no jacket weather!


  1. cloud games between the sea and the ships, a delicious contrast … the great desire to embark on a new adventure … as always great and poetic images!
    I wish you still so many of these beautiful walks


    1. Every day an adventure, Ventis! For as long as it can be 🙂
      I found you hiding shyly in my Spam box! Don’t worry- I will always rescue you.
      Hope you have a beautiful weekend. Many thanks for spending time with me.


  2. You chased and corralled your flock of clouds like fluffy sheep, capturing their cottony shapes with your eye. The reflections are lovely.


    1. Cheers, hon 🙂 I was thinking of you earlier today. Hope it’s going not too badly. I still haven’t checked out the cloud book yet. I will do it NOW! Sorry- didn’t mean to shout in your ear. Take care, Gem. Thanks for visiting.


  3. Truly magnificent reflection shots esp. the first one. Outstanding job Jo. That’s what you get from wandering, finding the best in the right time and place.


    1. I’ve mostly been wandering on my laptop because the weather’s been miserable today, but you have to catch up sometime 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, Rommel.


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