Six word Saturday



A moonlight wander.

fills the night


with romance.

And romance

I’m cheating just a little because I have too many challenges and not enough week.  So I’m linking my Six word Saturday to Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post, but at least I’m keeping it brief!  If you’ve never met him, Jake is a lovely guy who produces amazing animation.  The theme this week is Moonshine. Go and say ‘hi’ but then don’t forget to visit Cate at 6WS, or she’ll be upset.



      1. Impossible to get round everybody, Paula. I’m struggling to catch up tonight because I have too much going on, but I’ll get there. Take care 🙂

  1. Girlfriend, I’m all in favor for both moonlight and romance. *smile … and small amount of words can to it too … but it has to be the right ones. *smile Beautiful post, Jo.

    1. I’m choosing my words carefully, Vivi 🙂 Moonlight and roses, after the song…
      Tired feet right now. I have been walking and walking! Such a nice day! Hope you’re feeling less “fuzzy”.

      1. Roses … is okay … but moonlight as great effects on me. And a slow dance …. that is romance.
        No fuzzy for me .. for a couple of days now.
        Time for duvet soon …. A fire-filled hug. *smile

  2. quale incredibile spettacolo: La luna!!
    sarà perché da sempre la amo moltissimo…non so ma queste immagini sono fra le più belle viste nel tuo blog
    mi anno profondamente emozionata
    e Giovanna!

    What incredible spectacle: the Moon!
    It will be because love always a lot … I don’t know but these images are among the most beautiful sights in your blog
    I year deeply excited

    1. Ventis , we have another beautiful sunrise this morning so I’m here early enough to appreciate your kind words (and translation) 🙂 You really are very good to me. I love shots that are full of atmosphere and when I look at these I am back in Tavira’s warm summer nights.

      1. good morning Jo – I guess I pressed subscribe to the comment feed for this post – so as I finish up some work I saw this comment come in- and just wanted to saw good morning and hope you enjoy your day (after that nice sunrise). ~y.

    1. It’s Sunday afternoon, dinner is eaten and washed up, ironing done yesterday, so all’s right with my world, Madhu 🙂 Even a little sunshine here and there. How about you?

  3. well you did wonderfully combining the challenges together, Jo. i agree with you on so little time and so many great challenges. takes a bit more when you start to work on mixers. love that last photograph…a bit mysterious.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Jake hasn’t been around so much and I wanted to support him, but suddenly it got to Saturday. Not much choice! But this seemed to work well 🙂

      1. i know…it’s so hard to get all the challenges in and Jake does a great job hosting his challenges. i need to somehow do something like you – combine. 🙂

  4. wonderful Jo – and love this “too many challenges and not enough week” – someone once said “too much month and the end of the money” ha ha

    but great pictures and great words – because ahhhhh…. (***deep breathe and sigh****) yes, moon shine does fill the night with romance….
    enjoyed this!


    1. It worked quite well, Amy. I’d half decided not to do Jake’s this week but very few people are taking part now and I wanted to show a bit of loyalty. Thanks for yours 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kathryn 🙂 I’m trying to escape from the blog to do my ironing (ugh! well, not really, but no one else will do it 😦 ) but so many great posts today! I’ll catch up with you later 🙂

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