Six word Saturday


Feeling “all at sea” this morning!

I need something soothing to look at.

And needing something soothing to look at.

This little guy too, I think

This little guy too, I think

He's ok now he's found a playmate!

He’s ok now.  He’s found a playmate.

Or two!

Or two?

And so am I!

And so have I!

Back on dry land.

Safely back to shore.

It was a “girl’s night” last night and I overindulged.  Feeling decidedly rocky today.  Hope you have a nice weekend planned.  Join Cate on Show My Face if you have time.  I usually do.



  1. Sea air and a sailor – isn’t that what we all are in need of. This was nearly only 6 words .And if you don’t feel the evening before in the morning after, it has been wasted. Sailor hug.

    1. I’d find that a severe strain, Laurie 🙂 We’re not in mischief- just at each other’s houses. The girl talk would bore the men rigid (and possibly the other way around too )

  2. tutto molto delizioso! amore chiama amore e i due cagnolini sono molto graziosi, avete avuto una gita magnifica
    very delicious! love calls love and the two little dogs are very cute, have you had a magnificent outing

    1. Stay away from cliff tops! It’s a little wild out there today. I’m wishing I’d made it up to Newcastle to meet Lucy, but Dad’s here for lunch and doesn’t leave till about 3 so I couldn’t swing it. But the weather’s been good enough for them to have a good riverside walk today so I’m sure she’ll have some great bridge shots 🙂 Enjoy your little friend.

  3. What a lovely distraction….it’s so wild up here this morning that the water would not be at all soothing for anyone….never mind a slightly tired and frayed around the edges someone 🙂

    1. It was hard looking at that dazzling sky and the gently rocking ferry in my sorry state yesterday, Jill 🙂 Six weeks till our next “night”. I’ll behave myself till then- honest!

    1. Thank you so much for the visit and follow. I “accidentally” found your beautiful art work through Eunice. I live in the north east of England, which is much cooler, but we have a home in the Algarve to which we one day hope to retire. The photos are from our January visit. 🙂

  4. Sounds nice Jo. Remember Cindy Lauper, “Girls just wanna (have fun)”? 🙂
    I can’t remember very many of my girls nights out or even the boys nights out.
    Tomorrow afternoon Mrs. Jim and I will have an old folks afternoon out. It will
    be our 41st wedding anniversary. Papadeaux Seafood Kitchen it will be.
    Then afterwards we will stop at the Dollar Store and show each other the
    anniversary card we pick. We won’t buy, just show. Our kids do that.

  5. Glad some fresh air and Zumba sorted you out! A few New Year’s Eves ago I decided I was too old of overindulging, and do stick to that now!! Sore heads and I are not good mates….

  6. Oh sweet puppy love! I’m really feeling this way too, but it’s just not ready for me to enjoy around here yet. Last week I did walk across our beautiful Lake of the Isles. Yes, I walked on a frozen lake!

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