Six word Saturday


One hundred Six word Saturday posts!

Shall we celebrate with cake?

Shall we celebrate with cake?

I first joined this challenge on 7th January, 2012.  I had only been blogging for a couple of months and didn’t really have a clue what I was doing.  I simply knew that I wanted to write about travel, and that I needed to extend my readership.  I loved playing with words, too, and the challenge gave me that opportunity.

Two years later, and where am I?  Well, I’ve travelled all right.  Remember Barcelona, or even Porto?

Was there ever a stranger landscape?

Was there ever a stranger landscape? I loved Gaudi’s Barcelona

A very special city for me, Porto

A very special city for me, Porto

I’ve taken you with me many times to my lovely Tavira, and to Poland to meet the family.  We’ve wandered around the streets, stately homes and cliff tops of England (and over the border to Edinburgh, too)  We’ve made some strange discoveries together.  Remember Saltburn-by-the-Sea?

Knitted mermaid on the pier at Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Knitted mermaid on the pier at Saltburn-by-the-Sea

And, of course, you’ve met my lovely daughter and been introduced to the concept of Steampunk. Those cakes in the header were consumed in her presence (no, not ALL of them!)

Lisa in the teacup fascinator she made.

Lisa in the teacup fascinator she made.

In the course of my journey I’ve met some wonderful people.  I’ve learned a little about all kinds of subjects.  So many of you are good at crafts!  My lovely friend Viv has taught me to appreciate poetry, and provided me with cheerful company at Northumberlandia on a bitterly cold day.  And along the way I seem to have picked up an obsession with photography.

A Monkey Puzzle tree in close-up

A Monkey Puzzle tree in close-up, from my “Green” series

I must have done a few things right because this morning my number of “followers” topped 2000!  What can I say except thank you very much to each and every one of you who has liked or commented on one of my posts.

Since joining Six word Saturday I have contributed every week, unless I have been abroad.  I’m well aware that my direction has changed since the beginning, and that 6WS may not be the best vehicle for what I like to do.  I have to thank Cate at Show My Face for her tolerance in allowing me to push the boundaries of six words.  You could say “gentle manipulation”?  I hope you’ve all enjoyed my company as much as I’ve enjoyed yours.  If you’d like to see where two years has taken me, click on my Six word Saturday page.




  1. Here is this six words challenge …. with nearly 6oo words again, just love it … but it’s just because I don’t understand anything about it. I just love monkey tree …
    The fruit tarts – looks like they don’t contain any calories, isn’t just fantastic.
    Congratulations to being able to keeping up with 6 weeks every Saturday.


  2. 3 fabs:
    the “strange” landscape is so beautiful –

    and the knitted mermaid reminds me of some knitted creatures we bought at a nature preserve we “accidentally” stopped at while on a roadtrip- they were the best souvenirs – unique.

    and — now I want to go to Porto someday – lol
    Lisa looked cool w/ the tea cup fasc. too.


    1. I can hardly believe I actually made it to Barcelona, Yvette. What a city!
      Porto is almost a distant memory. I had to reread an old post this morning, which someone commented on. Lovely to make a return trip, even if only in memory. 🙂


  3. hai avuto uno splendido percorso, non ho visto le foto di Porto, dovrò cercarle! sono molto lieta di averti incontrata, cara amica
    you’ve got a beautiful path, I haven’t seen the pictures di Porto, I’ll have to look for them! I am very pleased to have you met, dear friend


    1. Thank you so much! It’s been a great pleasure for me too 🙂 If you put “Porto” in the search up by the header, and press enter, it should bring you up some Porto posts.


  4. I am glad you found this challenge. I have loved traveling the world with you and your wonderful sense of humor! Looking forward to more awesome travels with you. p.s. After seeing it again, I am still not sure about that mermaid, is it cute or is it scary…


  5. What a lovely visual and narrative trip down memory lane with you. I have always looked forward to you 6 word Saturday and your posts. Always informative and with a sense of humor. Those cakes are really tempting. 🙂


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