A Lingering look at Windows: week 7

A hint of mystery

A hint of mystery and the exotic behind these doors

I’m sure you can’t begin to guess where I was lingering this week?  Does Preston Park Museum ring any bells?  I thought I might do the Winter Garden and the Victorian Street separately- you know, big finale!- but I didn’t want you tiring of the subject.  So we’ll just take a quick peep in the conservatory before moving swiftly on.

Orchids are beautiful, aren't they?

Orchids are beautiful, aren’t they?

There weren’t any comfy seat pads on the chairs and the doors were firmly closed, so I took the hint and kept walking.  And this was my reward!

And this was my reward!

A toy shop window to press my nose up against

So I did!

So I did!  Sorry- I know some of you don’t like Pierrots, but he was loveable.

Maybe chocolate is more your thing?

Maybe chocolate is more your thing?

Or objects d'art?

Or objects d’art?

No shortage of that!

No shortage of those!

I do know one or two of you who don't mind sweets!

I do know one or two of you who don’t mind a sweet treat!

Remember any of these?

Remember any of these?

A few of the shops don’t qualify for this post.  The blacksmith didn’t have a window, as such- just lots of tools.  I wandered into the printers and a very nice young lady was setting up the press to print some cards.  She was well bundled up against the cold, as she needed to be with the door wide open.  I couldn’t photograph her cheerful smile as it was a little dark in there.

But I did find an ironmonger, for the practical ones among you

But I did find an ironmonger, for the practical ones among you

And a photographer, for the family portaits

And a photographer, for the family portraits

This was my very favourite!  Apologies for the poor quality of the photo

This was my very favourite shop!  Apologies for the terrible quality of the photo.

I know what some of you are waiting for.  I saw this sign but couldn’t find anywhere to buy an alcoholic drink, though I looked very hard.

Promises!  Promises!

Promises! Promises!

So it had to be the tea rooms and the "temperance drinks"

So it had to be the tea rooms and the “temperance drinks”

But you know what I forgot to take a photo of?  The Victorian sponge sandwich on the counter. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was very nice.  Just in case you’ve missed any of my Preston Park Museum posts, you can find them here, and here, and here.  Understatement- that’s what I’m going for!

Meanwhile I wonder what kind of windows everyone else is showcasing this week.  Find them at Dawn’s The Day After.  I believe she’s gone all romantic this week.


    1. Missed this comment earlier, Vivi. Tea eaten and washed up, I have an article to finish for Bespoke Traveller to keep me out of mischief. Have a fabulous evening! 🙂

    1. Glad you liked them, Dawn. I’d already written the post when I realised you were wanting Valentine’s windows. I guess these are a little romantic in their own way 🙂

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