An object of great beauty

The Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees

The Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees

An object that tells a story was what Cheri asked for on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  I hadn’t intended to take part this week but, returning from a flying visit to a retail park this afternoon, I caught a glimpse of one of my favourite bridges, silhouetted against a wonderful sky.  “Can we stop for just a minute?”  I asked, and was off like a whirlwind, clutching the camera.

The “story” for me is always what is on the opposite shore.  I love the “invitation to cross” that a bridge always provides.  How about you?

And again


And again!

And again!

Have you entered yet?  I’m off to read some of the other “stories”.


  1. Great shots! Bridges are marvellous. When we go North, I always look forward to crossing the Sutton Bridge, my camera or iphone in hand…
    Best wishes

  2. It’s indeed a stunning object. And you captured its beauty in these photos with strength. Awesome photos. Finally I can definitely connect to your story. Bridges are really an invitation to cross.

    1. Otto, thank you so much for the encouragement. It’s blogs like yours that have helped me find one end of a camera from the other in the last year or so and I much appreciate it. 🙂
      It’s truly great subject matter, my bridge.

  3. 109 liikes … no wonder – magnificent photos …. I really like your new look too.
    Have tried on – but all music tracks starts playing at the same time – so I stay the way I’m.
    Fantastic entry.

    1. I keep meaning to use Sound Cloud, Vivi, so maybe not a good idea with this theme 🙂 I can only sing one song at a time!
      It’s a brilliant bridge. Absolutely love it 🙂 (and you!) Have a happy afternoon.

      1. Jo, you can use Soundcloud with automatic play … because when I tried on your theme … all songs started at once – what a carry on.
        Happy afternoon to you too. *smile

  4. Whenever I see a bridge I see a story. They are wonderful symbols to use in stories as well. This is a lovely bridge, no wonder you wanted to stop and get a picture, Jo 😀

    1. Got to prove we have a little English beauty as well as all the Portuguese loveliness, Laurie 🙂 This bridge is a joy to photograph with the sky as it was.

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