Six word Saturday


Today I’ve chosen a Header Photo

And it has a nautical theme

With a nautical theme, you may notice.

Those offshore windmills will be turning

Those offshore windmills will definitely be turning today

Because it's a bright and breezy day

Because it’s bright and breezy (you could substitute the word “cold”)

One of these days I'll take you on the "Monkey trail"

One of these weeks I’ll take you on the “Monkey trail”

More properly known as the "Headland Story Trail"

More properly known as the “Headland Story Trail”

But it's a little cold for lingering today

But not today- it’s a little cold for lingering.

Much more suited to the marina

And much more suited to the calm of the marina

Maybe you remember that last week my Header was a plain, bold black?  During the week I’ve tinkered about a bit and come to a few conclusions.  In the main, I’m happy with the plain Header, because I usually start my post with a photo, and there’s more impact this way.  But for a post like this, where I start with a logo, I think a photo looks better.

This generates its own problems, because the writing on the Header is white, and I cannot change the colour unless I pay to customise it.  So, I need to use a fairly dark toned photo for the writing to show up.  This limits my choice a little, but I’ve enjoyed playing with the Headers, and I expect you’ll be seeing more.  I’ll have to change it with each post or it won’t match, and if you visit another of my posts after this one, that won’t match either! (for anyone missing my old Town Wall header photo, it’s now consigned to my Flickr photos, in the sidebar)

Next week, the problem of Menus and Categories.  Do many of you use them?  If not, how do you go about finding posts?

As often happens, I’m using my Six word Saturday in a slightly unconventional way.  But it’s interesting, isn’t it?  Well, I hope you think so.  Cate at Show My Face will have lots of variations on the theme, so don’t forget to click on the link or the logo to join in.


  1. I have missed so much. I really like the new theme and this roaming header of yours. It is so YOU 🙂 and the rest of the pics are really lovely, inviting and moody… waiting for that monkey trail …..


  2. You’ll figure out the nuances of your new theme, and soon all will become second nature. I find the header option to be vexing and for the life of me, I don’t understand a sticky post!


  3. Like the new header! Though if you don’t want a photo another option is to use something like Photoshop/Paint and write in your blog name and strapline, then choose a nice font and colour/s for them. You can then upload the new image and it’s a bit more interesting than the normal blog theme default text. Good luck with the tinkering!


    1. Thanks, Lucy! 🙂 I change my mind every day about what I want.
      I’m not going to the event at Traverse, but if you have any spare time I can maybe come up for a coffee or something. I imagine it’s a pretty packed schedule.


  4. Jo, as I said before – really like your new look – very crisp and fresh .. clean.
    You and I have the same passion for the ocean and what it brings – I can feel the strong breeze through the screen and smell of the sea. I sound like an old record, but I think you photos is magical.
    Finding posts ???? Your own or others … ????


    1. Hiya darlin 🙂 I’m back from coffee.
      The photo with my 6WS post was a sunset over Hartlepool marina, Vivi. It’s gone now, which is one of my issues with this header format. I’m going to try “Random” next and see how that looks.
      One of my reasons for asking about Menus/Categories is that my pages all need to be updated regularly (or not, when I don’t have time 😦 ). I don’t think that many people actually look at the pages anyway. Who has time? So my question was “does anybody use them to find other posts?” (of mine) Jude has suggested that Menus would be better because they update themselves. I think I’m thinking too much- I should just write posts 🙂 Friendly hug!


      1. Jo, I have have notice that people are looking at old posts .. because the likes increase on my most popular all the the time .. but I don’t know if they use the categories, tags I think is more important … also everyday have somebody been visiting very old posts of mine. You can check that on stats before you make any changes.


      2. Good thinking, Vivi 🙂 Going out for some (more) fresh air because it’s bright and breezy again today. Rain tomorrow and I can catch up online then 🙂 Breezy hug!


  5. Love the header Jo and yes, I tried that theme too and don’t like the fact that you can’t change the font or colour without paying and the fact that it does’t fill the header and have the black ends but you did a great job of it, but in the end I do agree that it looks better with just the black with the white text. It is unfortunate that they don’t have the option where you can have several headers that you can randomly display. It is a nice theme though.

    Love the photo’s! It’s so beautiful there. You are blessed indeed. Thanks for sharing hon. 😀 *big hugs*


  6. I like the header. I also like your photo of the windmills. I’ve never understood people who fight them because they claim they’re ugly. To me, they’re so graceful, spinning in the breeze, generating power.

    Thanks for playing 6ws!


    1. Thanks, Sam 🙂 There was a header of the marina in Hartlepool on here, but I changed it last night for the bridge, to go with the new post. Still working on a “solution”.


  7. I love your new theme and header Jo. Lovely, moody tones. Have you tried a background image? A faded, monochromatic one might work even better than the header, and save you some precious time 🙂


      1. Yes! Just pick an image and click set as background on your settings or appearance page. Finding the right one takes some trial and error though. Still not happy with mine 🙂


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