Six word Saturday


A new look- same old me!

This is me- a little battered by time

Portugal often reminds me of myself- a little battered by time

But still hopeful of a bright tomorrow

Yet still hopeful of a bright tomorrow.

A little quirky!

A little quirky sometimes…

And often down-at-heel

And often down-at-heel!

But still full of dewy promise

Just occasionally full of dewy promise

But more often, stubborn as a mule!

But more often, stubborn as a mule!

Happy to find a nice bench to chat on

Always happy to find a nice bench to watch the world from

And a boat or two, bobbing on the water

Or even better, a couple of boats, drifting on the water

This is my new look.  I wanted something a little “cleaner” and less cluttered, but I’m not entirely happy with it.  I still hanker after “the old look” and my nice header photo.  What do you think?  It definitely needs a bit of work, and I might well revert to type. That’s me all over!

Meantime, don’t forget it’s Saturday.  Have you got six words you want to share? Cate at Show My Face will be happy to receive them.  Just click on the link or the header to join in.



  1. It sounds like you have gotten lots of opinions but in the end, it is what makes you happy. I personally like a header photo and you have so many wonderful ones to choose from. The black header seems a little stark for your outgoing personality but it does provide a clean look. 🙂


    1. Hi Karen 🙂 Many thanks for your input. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Quinta de Marim post, but to me when I launch straight into a photo (which is what I usually do, 6WS being an exception) the clean look works better and doesn’t distract from the post. I’m keeping an open mind for the next week or so. Lots of people have provided very helpful suggestions, so plenty to try!


  2. Like the new look Jo, very clean. Though I do miss the header pic too – Suits definitely supports a custom header as I’ve seem a couple of sites with it so you can always experiment!


  3. Hmmmm, not too sure, it looks very stark, especially with the black header.
    I do prefer your old theme, and I loved the header on it.
    Have you tried adding a border to your photos via the advanced edit for photos, that helps them stand out more.
    I love you photo of the bench 🙂


      1. Yes, if you click on your photo, it gives a choice to edit or delete. Go into edit, then the advanced edit tab.
        The border section is in there. It’s trial and error as to the thickness of the border, I’ve stuck on 3 for a while now.


  4. It’s a very clean look, Jo. I know what you mean about it missing the header photo, but the truth is that the eye is immediately drawn to the photos you’ve included in today’s post. I think it was a good move! And your photos are just perfect! I love the colors, and in particular, that gorgeous tile bench!


  5. I know you are an an adventurer Jo … like me … can’t stay in one place/theme too long! This one looks fine, it is always fun to explore the new possibilites isn’t it?


  6. 🙂 Nice looking pictures, Jo. Yes, the new format makes them stand out better. I like the old header better because that picture was intriguing. They are both really nice, you work hard on them. For me, if I were you, I would leave it new. I almost went WP when Blogger told me that I would have to pay for pictures from now on as I had used my quota. Or join Blogger Plus with unlimited pictures. So I did the latter.


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