A Lingering look at windows- a little fun in week # 4

Our neighbourhood Dalmation, Louie

Our neighbourhood Dalmation, Louie

I’m feeling kind of mischievous this week.  While I was in the Algarve, I did a little spying on the neighbours.  I had to be careful though.  Some of them were looking right back at me!

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Have you spied on any windows this week?  Dawn at Lingering Visions would love to see them (and so would I).  So, why not share?


  1. You’re a fantastic “peeping tom”, great shots all of them – love the santa one. I have fetish for windows too .. and door, especially if they are slightly open … they lure me in. *smile

      1. I think they would enjoy reading your blog …. and we their windows being published. I would have been very proud if my windows had taken somebodies attention.

  2. This is lovely, Jo! When I was living in the city I would take the dog for a walk every afternoon just as it was getting dark. I did this because I loved seeing the lights come on in the windows of all the houses (sometimes steamed from people cooking dinner). I could walk round for hours looking at the windows and imagining the people who lived there and all the different stories they could tell 😀

  3. Great post,Jo ! I am certain sure you know that Queen Elizabeth II loves doing it and then she can visualize how people live in a cozy house and how the house looks inside,judging from the curtains of a window etc … I am serious,Jo.I had read this in an article of a respected English newspaper,not in a tabloid.Unless they lied.
    Well,you shouldn’t feel embarrassed,it’s kind of hobby.Besides,you have something in common with the Queen … BTW,loved the one with the dog looking out of the window and spying ….
    Have a gr8 weekend

  4. Lol Jo now I have caught your mischievous bug ! Nice idea I will try this. Beautiful images Jo ! Louie the Dalmation and the door with little angle are so cute. 🙂

  5. Oh I think you have permission to window peep when you come up some such as these Jo 😉
    I just love Louie there ,,, being more dog Lol…guarding … from a distance … can’t be too careful !

  6. heheheh Jo. Look like you were a bit naughty. Those intruders are quite cute and doesn’t look dangerous at all. hahahaha. Louie the Dalmation is just so adorable. 😀
    Great shots and thanks for sharing this fun post hon. *big hugs*

    1. It’s a good time of year for a smile, isn’t it? 🙂
      Incidentally, I haven’t forgotten- I do still have an invitation to guest post on yours, don’t I? I’ll try to get down to it in the next week or so, before I go off at a tangent again!

    1. He’s a softie, Jill. Our neighbours over the road have had him since a pup and he stands guard on the street, quite literally. For the first day or so that we’re out there he barks when we unlock our front door. After that he kind of remembers us and we’re allowed to come and go. 🙂
      They always take him out for a gallop on the beach in the evening.

  7. Beautiful windows. Wishing your son all the best of blessings on his birthday and everyday. I bet the lasagna and dessert made him so happy. A mum’s cooking is like no other. God bless you & your family always.

  8. They are amazing… I loved especially dogs… Actually I love to take window’s pictures… with curtains, flowers and yes dogs… Last weekend I took one of them, a musician with his dog in the window… Thank you dear Johanna, always fascinates me your photographical journey, love, nia

  9. Oh, Jo, I have a vision of mischievous you, darting around peeping through usefully placed windows! And being spied upon… that dog certainly looks a little suspicious – or is it disapproving? 😉

    1. He’s our guard dog, Sue, and a big softie really. He stands there most of the afternoon, keeping an eye on the street and if anyone strange is about, starts to bark. We get barked at too, until he remembers us from the last visit. 🙂

  10. Haha loved the idea and the post 🙂
    I wish I could do that but in my neighbourhood there lives only one couple with three little kids of almost the same age and are crying and mourning all the time.

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