A Lingering look at windows- a little fun in week # 4

Our neighbourhood Dalmation, Louie

Our neighbourhood Dalmation, Louie

I’m feeling kind of mischievous this week.  While I was in the Algarve, I did a little spying on the neighbours.  I had to be careful though.  Some of them were looking right back at me!

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Have you spied on any windows this week?  Dawn at Lingering Visions would love to see them (and so would I).  So, why not share?


  1. You’re a fantastic “peeping tom”, great shots all of them – love the santa one. I have fetish for windows too .. and door, especially if they are slightly open … they lure me in. *smile

      1. I think they would enjoy reading your blog …. and we their windows being published. I would have been very proud if my windows had taken somebodies attention.

  2. This is lovely, Jo! When I was living in the city I would take the dog for a walk every afternoon just as it was getting dark. I did this because I loved seeing the lights come on in the windows of all the houses (sometimes steamed from people cooking dinner). I could walk round for hours looking at the windows and imagining the people who lived there and all the different stories they could tell 😀

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