Six word Saturday


Home is where the heart is?


I seem to keep leaving mine behind.  It’s a bad habit!

Who wouldn't love a place that looked like this?

Who wouldn’t love a place that looked like this?

With Nativity scenes like this

With Nativity scenes like this

And this

And this

And a pontoon bridge like this

And a pontoon bridge like this

Countryside like this

Countryside like this

Washing on a line like this

Washing on a line like this

Even with moody skies like this

Even with moody skies like this.

Or how about happy dogs on a sunset beach like this

Or how about happy dogs on a sunset beach like this

Beside the ferry, abandoned for the winter

Beside the ferry, abandoned for the Winter,

Or maybe a view like this would charm

Or maybe a view like this would charm

Views like this

Or even, like this?

I expect you can see why I keep leaving my heart behind?  Each time, I say “Goodbye little house”, with a lump in my throat.

It’s Saturday again, and six words time. Cate at Show My Face is our hostess. Would you like to play?



  1. It’s so beautiful there Jo. I love the countryside and the beach and no people would be fine too..heheheh
    Great post hon! *hugs*

      1. Now that is great news Jo. I will come and travel with you then..hahahaha.

        Having a good one for sure hon and hope to hear the same. 😀 *hugs*

    1. A couple of years back there were some severe forest fires in the countryside quite near Tavira, Laurie. Such is the resilience that it bounces back looking like this. I loved the charred looking branches against the orange groves. We did! Lots of long walks 🙂

  2. Just wonderful …. every time you have been down there and return home with your photos I wish I was there too – have checked flights to Newcastle – but forget it – cost two arms and a leg – I’m sure it’s much easier to catch up with you in Portugal.
    Beautiful post and I understand completely that you have left most of your heart behind.

    1. Hi Vivi 🙂 Just come back from my first English walk since I got home. Freezing fog isn’t the best of weathers- reality check! But wouldn’t you know it- now we’re home, the sun is shining and the world looks a different place. Think I’ll go and visit Michael’s 97 year old auntie this afternoon. Hate being in when the sun’s shining, and an hour in the nursing home will make me grateful for what I’ve got.
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m sure we’ll manage to meet one of these days 🙂 Sending hugs till then!

      1. I hope you made to the nursing home, bet she was happy over seeing you. 97 years old – that is one grand old lady.
        It’s cold, windy and chilly here, but the temperature is still not under plus minus zero. And I need my freezer defrosted. Come on frost and sunshine.
        I really hope us – that we will meet up … drink some Mojitos together – let our cameras go wild. *laughing.
        I hope tomorrow is a more pleasant day for us both. Going to the day clinic and get my power port rinsed. Yes, it’s the real name. So I want sunshine.
        Hug before bedtime and nighttime. *smile

    2. Beautiful sunrise this morning, Vivi. I’m watching too much tennis this week, and it’s from Australia so my clock is distorted 🙂 Cold, cold weather is coming your way I think, so wrap up warm. Going to Dads to do some cleaning later. Big hug!

      1. Sunshine and tennis sounds okay for me too. We had 15 min of sunshine yesterday. *smile
        You’re so right .. we have cold weather and the wind makes it icing – but only -3C, not much for this time of year, but maybe a chance for me to defrost my freezer tomorrow night. *smile

  3. Aww these are lovely Jo . You’ll be back soon no doubt .
    Hey cheeky .. a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂
    have a great week !

  4. Delightful photo parade and well-cherished moments !!! You very well know how to reminisce the past and live the present !!! Belated warm wishes for the NY too !!!
    All the best,

  5. Hello Jo,
    What a beautiful place to visit. I love all your pictures but my favorites are the one with the red aloes on the beach, the wall with the little turret, and the washing on the line.

    1. Hi Rosie 🙂 Did you enjoy your visit with Cathy? I can imagine you (or she 🙂 ) never stopped talking! Yes, my second home is a lovely place. I miss it when I’m not there.

  6. People love coming to your blog and seeing what your last adventure was Jo!!!! I always enjoy the pictures and feel as though I had gone along with you just by viewing the pictures!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. Too bad you can’t have two hearts, Jo. We like to travel too but like you, we have a nice home to come home to. Maybe London could be a second home for us. (They may move back by summer!!!)

      1. Because of work, Jo. She has had two two-year jobs that are very stressful. Most ex-pats only do one. So she is coming back probably to Texas here but it could be Chicago. We hope nut there, but either should be a very good position.
        She studied accounting but now is in finance as a team leader in analysis and forecasting in the oil and gas business. She says they have $7 figures invested in her. We are proud of her. :). One of her older brothers is a VP in a venture capital company holding oil and gas interests.

  8. At least you are able to escape this dreary weather Jo. Not sure I could tear myself away from there either, but at least you know you are going back – and one day, maybe for good!

    1. It’s true! It’s true! 🙂 🙂
      Did you see my walk around Castro Marim, Jude- A gift from the sea? What a day that was! Happy Sunday to you (if a little wet 😦 )

  9. Oh Jo, I know how you miss the Algarve when you’re away from it! I love your photo gallery of Algarve shots, especially the wash on the line and the landscape. They bring back happy memories to me too. Don’t be too sad to be home! xxx

      1. Well, you’re on holiday when there, so there is probably some truth to that “illusion.” I don’t know about you, but when I’m home I feel like I have a million obligations and distractions. 🙂

    1. It is, Suze 🙂 Sometimes I feel like there is so much more world I should be out there seeing, but it’s always like coming home. And anyway- I’ve got you to see the world and report back for me 🙂

  10. Good for you, and it’s great for the heart and soul to journey about too! Great memories to relive once you’re back in your home sweet home!

  11. I can totally see why your heart would be in such a fabulous spot! The washing on the line photo says it all. Now the six word challenge…that would be very tough for this verbose one. 🙂

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