Just one last sunset!

Sea defences softened by   sunset

Hartlepool sea defences, softened by the setting sun

All of my life I’ve been a diarist and a chronicler.  There’s nothing I like better than to tell a bit of a story.  And these days, to illustrate it with a photo or three.  How, and when, did it happen that my camera became an extension of my arm?  I don’t really know, but I do know that I love putting captions onto the images of my life.

So maybe it’s no surprise that, in blogging, I feel as if I’ve come home.  I’ve found an audience with whom I can share a smile (and the odd reflection).  I try to keep it light.  The world has enough sorrows.  But I’m happy to listen, to encourage, and to give and receive lots of hugs.  This walk around Hartlepool marina, as the sun sets, is my way of saying thank you, to all of you, for a wonderful year in your company.

I love the shape of the breakwater

I like the shape of our breakwater

Its arms stretch out in a great hug!

Its arms stretch out to the sea in a big hug!

The boatyard is gloriously backlit

The boatyard looks great, backlit by the sinking sun

And the Headland is within touching distance

And the Headland is just out of reach, in the distance.

The light just gilding St. Hilda's church

The light gently gilds St. Hilda’s church.

The boats are peaceful at their moorings

The boats are peaceful at their moorings.

But in the Hrabourmaster's Office, a surprise!

But who’s that, up by the Harbourmaster’s Office? He’s a surprise!

The boats are undisturbed by his presence

Those boats aren’t the least bit disturbed by his presence.

The deer seems to sniff the air

The deer seems to sniff the air

And then the sun goes, in a blaze of glory!

And then the sun sinks, in a blaze of glory!

This is the last Hartlepool sunset of 2013 that I’ll share with you.  On Thursday I’m up, well before the lark, and flying south to the Algarve.  Naturally the camera will be as excited as me, and we’ll do our best to bring you back some lovely images.

I hope the New Year will be kind to you, and thank you again, for sharing, and enriching, my world.


  1. Bonjour Jo

    Used to work with a monkey hanger many years ago who only complained about how boring and dull a place H’Pool was. I never realised how lovely it was. Great Pictures.



    1. The marina wouldn’t have been here then, Dan. The town has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years, but on a sunny day the marina and the beach are as good as many another. Glad I’ve got a convert 🙂

  2. Magical sunset photo-series,Jo !!! Amazing cloud formations and sunset tonalities successfully gripping the eye of the behoder ! Your posts are like paintings that stay alive by the visitors’ admiration … You spread smiles and happiness with what you share and with your heartwarming posts !!! Thank you for that dear Jo 🙂 !!!

  3. These are beautiful and keeping a diary has been an on and off habit with me but I am trying it again! Thanks Jo !

  4. questi sono i teneri colori sfumati di un cuore innamorato, innamorato della bellezza e della vita, questa è la Giovanna dall’animo dolce e forte che ben esprime nell’armonia delle sue foto, questa persona molto speciale ho avuto il piacere e l’onore di conoscerla nell’anno appena trascorso, e lo ringrazio di questo
    These are the soft gradient colors of a loving heart, lover of beauty and life, this is Joanna from the soul sweet and strong that well expresses the harmony of his photos, this very special person I had the pleasure and honor to know it in the past year, and I thank him for this

    1. It’s been a great pleasure to have your company too, Ventis. Thank you for the lovely Christmas greeting. I tried to send you an e-card but it was unopened, and was maybe treated as spam by your computer. Never mind. Very best wishes for 2014. 🙂

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