Six word Saturday


Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

IMG_2191But I’m one of the lucky ones- safe and warm!  It must have been a horrendous Christmas for those who were flooded or without power.  Nothing to do but try to smile and carry on.

Here, it’s been a mixed bag.  I didn’t have much luck on the beach at Crimdon on Christmas Eve.

I should have kept my eye on those clouds!

I should have kept my eye on those clouds!

The blue was disappearing at an alarming rate!

The blue was disappearing at an alarming rate!

Our skies have been very mean and moody!

How about this for a mean and moody sky?

But I wanted to reach the end of the cove

But I wanted to reach the end of the cove

I think that might be far enough!

I think that might be far enough!

Time to make a break for it!

Time to make a run for it!

Of course, we got wet!

Of course, we got wet!

But 2 minutes later, it looked like this.

But two minutes later, it looked like this.

Then we had a decidedly frosty day- our first this Winter!  The park looked very pretty.

Crisp and clear!

Crisp and bright!

The wildlife pond was looking rather handsome

The wildlife pond was looking rather handsome

But cold!

(if cold)

And part of the pond was frozen.

And part of the pond was frozen

But I loved the drama of the light.

But I loved the dramatic light through the trees.

Since then the winds have been wild, but I have no reason at all to complain. I’m sitting tight with my little snowman friends.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

Hope you’re having a peaceful time in these days between Christmas and the New Year.  I won’t be around for Six word Saturday for a week or two.  Keep Cate company, won’t you?  And a very happy New Year to you!



  1. he sì, il clima è molto diverso dalla mia Toscana, ed anche i colori, ma tu ne hai ugualmente fatto capolavori di fotografia, bravissima, ho amato molto il sole drammatico fra gli alberi, passa una bella vacanza cara, io sono appena tornata e già la rimpiango…a presto
    he Yes, the climate is very different from my Tuscany, and also the colors, but you’ve also made masterpieces of creative, talented, I really loved the Sun drama among the trees, passing a holiday, I have just returned and already regret … see you soon

    1. Coming home is no fun, Ventis. I’ve brought a raging cold back with me- not quite part of the plan. I’m blaming my husband (of course! 🙂 ) But we had a great time. Hope you did too. Belated Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Yes, its been cold out there but your post warmed our hearts with everything pure and beautiful. Happy New Year my friend. To an amazing 2014 full of everything good, adventurous and exciting!

    1. We were very lucky overall, Paula, but there was a lot of erosion and storm damage to those cliffs. There’s a caravan site up on top! 😦
      Have a peaceful and happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Suze 🙂 Got a few things planned.
      The Christmas tree is on its last day or so. Usually I leave it up till 5th Jan, but it’ll have to come down unceremoniously on New Year’s Day. The happiest of New Year’s to you. All the very best for 2014.

  3. That’s the cold, gray December that I remember in the UK Jo. Terri and I spent a few Christmas holidays in London, and for us it was a time to hibernate and decompress. Both our jobs were particularly high stress in Nov. and Dec, so it was so nice to be able to get cozy in our flat, watch videos, eat, drink and be merry – particularly when the weather outside was frightful. Have a Happy New Year. ~James

      1. Only way to be! March forward head held high and do all you can to enjoy what you have so glad I love the simple things 🙂 So much joy I find in the tiniest of things 🙂


    1. It’s ten minutes up the road from us, Col, in what used to be the collieries. They’ve done a good job at reclamation but there’s quite a bit of subsidence with all the fierce weather. Thank you! Hope 2014 is spectacular for you 🙂

  4. BRAVISSIMA!!! Very well composed post! I’m crazy like that. Still going further and further underminding how quickly the weather changes. I take those kind of chances. It’s nice to hear you did it there as well. And that dramatic light through the trees … BRAVA!

      1. Me too but sadly I’ve had to deal with my father’s cancer for the last six months and six more months of chemo. It has been a very very difficult year. I’m here in AZ with them now and it is so hard.

      2. I wondered how it was going for him. Haven’t seen all your posts lately so didn’t know if you’d talked about it, but I know it’s very personal and not so easy to do. You have to be strong, hon. For him, and for your kids. Big hug 🙂 Life’s hard sometimes.

      3. Thanks Jo. He is doing ok but hard to see him like this. I know it will get harder as the chemo goes on. I’m so lucky I can come out and be with my mom and dad. Yes I don’t share it on my blog as it is too personal. Thanks for your caring words. I will be strong and yes we have all seen many hard times throughout our life. Thankfully the good always outweigh the bad. Take care! 🙂

  5. Jo that shot through the trees is stunning.
    I loved sharing your walk along the beach, it’s amazing how quickly weather can blow in like that! I was on the beach here today, it was bright but windy….not as windy as the last few days but the blue skies and sunshine were a lovely pick me up 🙂
    Have a lovely trip to winter sunshine, and I’m sure you’ll manage a few dry beach walks!

    1. The walking group in the Algarve are a fit bunch, Seonaid, and me and the camera sometimes have trouble keeping up, but there is one walk into the interior I’m really looking forward to. And I’ll take a beach walk almost every day- why else go to the Algarve? 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words and support, and my very best wishes for 2014.

  6. Jo, I don’t understand this with six words … after reading this post. Love you beach shots …. I would have enjoyed taking that walk with you.
    I have seen on TV about the flooding over there … how terrible and the flooding are getting more and more severe by the years. It’s all about the Global warming … I truly believe it that. Over here we have storms after storms – no chill … Madrid had -3 the same day up by the Polar Circle we had -6.
    I feel so sorry for those people that are hit by the flooding. Quite a few people here in the South has been without power after the storms, but I have been lucky.
    Love the trees and the light.

    1. Oh, sweetheart, I know it’s silly! I’m up to no. 95 of these and I’m going to 100 (pure perversity!) then stop. There aren’t any rules to the challenge and I joined it when I was new to blogging, but hardly anyone uses six words- stop! It’s a good idea but I abuse it.
      Weather!! It’s wierd. I had a beautiful walk round our marina today but before that was hailstones- then sunset.
      I’m watching an Abba documentary. Mick loves them and it seems to be a Christmas tradition. Brings me closer to you. Big smile 🙂 And hug!

      1. Jo, I love your way of thinking .. regarding the six words – I would never manage to make a post with only using 6 words.
        So keep on doing what you have been doing – like it!!!!
        ABBA – the best thing since sliced bread in my book. I just love them, very happy music … not much happy simple music around those days.

      1. I think you must still be up there in my top ten most popular people! 🙂
        Seriously, I hope 2014 brings you all you hope for, Jill. Let’s make it happen!

  7. Your park is VERY pretty, Jo. And your weather? Well I check the London weather here, . Our kids have a flat across the corner, behind the statue. It shows nicely in the daytime.

    The kids are here for Christmas but will leave tomorrow to go back. We have golfing weather ‘after 10’ but our mornings are a bit nippy, a few are frosty. KP has a new golf bag and three new clubs, we had to try those Christmas presents out a few times.

    1. Silly me, Jim! I checked the weather on the webcam and was surprised to find it dark- then I looked out of our window 🙂 I’m in the Algarve from Thursday and I expect it’ll be golfing weather there (maybe!) but I don’t play. Something about “spoiling a good walk”? Health and happiness to you in 2014, Jim 🙂

    1. Hi Laurie 🙂 I’m off to the Algarve on Thursday, so good times ahead, I hope. But it has been a good year. I’ve been lucky! Hope life treats you kindly in 2014, too 🙂

  8. Amazed at the transformation in the sky in each frame! Too cold a landscape for my hothouse bones, but it does make for crisp ‘handsome’ shots! Wishing you all the very best in the coming year Jo. Enjoy your break 🙂

    1. Today was the same, Madhu. Clear as a bell one second, then showers (hail or sleet this time 😦 ). Then bright again and I went for a brisk sunset stroll in our marina. Back in the toasty warmth now 🙂 I will!

  9. That looks like a beautiful way to spend the day, if a little damp. 🙂 My favorite photo is the light coming through the tree, it is simply gorgeous! Although all of these photos are wonderful! Hope you are doing something fun in the next couple of weeks and I will be looking forward to when you join us again! Wishing you a fabulous new year!

  10. Even with the moody and threatening skies, it still looks like a lovely walk, Jo. Sorry you got wet! Best to stay in and keep warm, I think. Where will you be for the next two weeks? To Tavira?? 🙂 Have a happy new year!

    1. I leave the same day as you, Cathy, bright and early on 2nd. It may be warm in Tavira if we’re lucky, but not so warm as Cal! Expect I’ll post again before then but this was for the 6WS folks 🙂

  11. “Nothing to do but try to smile and carry on.” Perfectly said, Jo! The pictures are wonderful. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas.

    Happy New Year to you & yours. Wishing you all the best in 2014!

  12. Beautiful photos as always!
    Today it’ll be in the upper 40 degree range for me–then on Monday we’ll be back to single digits–makes it hard to know what coat to wear each day!
    Best wishes for a great beginning of the new year to you!

  13. Terrific series of fickle winter weather at the beach- lots of feeling. I agreethe backlight through the tree silhouettes very dramatic. Wishing you all good things For the new year

    1. Thanks, Ruth 🙂 I usually walk down through the park to zumba on a Saturday morning, but it’s not on this week. I planned a walk but haven’t ventured out yet. The clouds are looking baleful again 🙂 Hope 2014 is kind to you too!

    1. The sunshine after the rain 🙂 I was just about to venture out when those black clouds galloped back. Done the ironing and lunch. Got a watchful eye open for a window of opportunity 🙂

      1. I’ve not been back since moving to Spain, but it’s definitely on the agenda for this coming year. My family is in Germany, though, they’ve got nothing to do with the UK 😉

  14. Oh, how I miss beach walks. I’ve been ill so they have been out of the question although the weather here has been mostly marvelous. Having said that, we actually had a power cut last night.
    On the subject of nativity displays, only know of one in Porto and one in Guia, but have seen neither.

    1. Thanks so much for this, Mara 🙂 I didn’t know you’d been ill? Hope you are very much recovered now. I saw your post on FB and followed the link. I will check out the one at Guia. Very best wishes for 2014!

      1. If you visit Guia, it’s opposite the “Centro de Saúde” and I believe Algoz has one too – round the corner from the pharmacy. Why not go for tea in the olde worlde atmosphere at Quinta dos Avós, on the Algoz-Ferreiras road – open 2-8pm except Tuesdays.

  15. Hello Jo,long time no speaky!I love the photos,it is one of my dearest wishes to visit a beach in the winter…maybe one day I will get a chance to do I really enjoyed looking at your changeable sky and sea photos. The weather up here as been bad too and like you I have been glad of the shelter and warmth in our house and I have been very aware that not everybody is so lucky.
    I wish you a very happy new year,keep snapping away the interweb loves your photos x

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