Six word Saturday


Fit to drop!  An apt expression!

This weeks’ Six word Saturday was to have been :

Getting Barcelona out of my system!

but the first is far more appropriate.  I took part in a zumba marathon last night, for the local hospice, and Lumiere at Durham absorbed all of my evening on Thursday.  I thoroughly enjoyed both but the mountain of ironing is giving me baleful looks, not to mention visiting all your lovely blogs.  What’s that saying- “the show must go on?”

Come on- hop on your bike and let's go!

Come on- hop on your bike and let’s go! (El Quatre Gats, Barcelona)

As always, you can click on any photo to set the gallery rolling.  Well, I’m tired but happy now.  Any volunteers to do that ironing?  No, I thought not!

Instead, why not join Cate at Show My Face?  I always do!  See you next week.  Hope it’s a good one for you.



  1. Am jumping back in comments/post for this update…
    On Friday the bank had closed at a strange hour, and Marcos planned to retrieve the gift on Saturday morning. He has a cousin that works there so he thought there would be no problems… I told him if he did have a problem to let me know via the hostal where I am staying… he knows the owners…. so.. no news i hope means good news.. I have been out of town and now have a new 2-year visa in my passport.. long story which I don’t mention on the blog, but wow, what a relief! returned last night and am about to leave on a road trip and will be back tomorrow.. will find marcos and confirm that all went well with the bank..

    he is going to have an operation on his leg, btw, so for sure that gift from the angel will be of help.

    thanks again!


  2. I have quite a pile up of ironing of my own Jo, and as many blogs to catch up with. Always game for a quick stroll down the Rambla though…adore your armless couple 🙂


      1. The depression gave us a miss Jo! We just got a bit of rain, far from the forecast lashing! And it is the coolest it has been so far this year. Cyclone season is not yet over though.
        We might take off for a few days over the Christmas weekend. Not quite decided where!! 🙂


  3. questo me lo ero perso…ho avuto un gran daffare ultimamente, ma rimedio ora, come sempre scatti meravigliosi ad onorare una città meravigliosa
    buona giornata di mercoledì cara Giovanna


    1. I just had a toasted cheese scone and a piece of ginger cake. I think that’s my calorie count for the evening! (though I may sneak a glass of red later- no calories in liquid, are there?) 🙂


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