Six word Saturday


Not enough week- too many challenges!

imagesCA3IIGP0So, I’m going to do “a challenge within a challenge”.


How boring, I thought!  That means girly things, flowers and sunsets.  But you know from last week that I love flowers and sunsets.  It’s two years this week since my first post and in all that time I’ve only done the CBBH Challenge four times, though I love Marianne’s work at East of Malaga.  Time to up the numbers!

Pretty pink, in Silves

Pretty pink wall, in Silves, the Algarve

Enough of the flowers.  How about some girly things?  As usual, click on any of the gallery photos for close ups and my cheery commentary.

Anyone got a birthday today?

Anyone got a birthday today?

Which sunset to finish with?  That’s the question!

Do you like this one, reflected in the puddle?

Do you like this one, reflected in the puddle?

Or the drama of this one?

Or maybe the drama of this one?

Well, I guess that’s enough pink to complete this challenge, and hopefully entertain my Six word Saturday readers too.  Thanks, Cate, for double hostessing!

With her challenge, Marianne traditionally invites you to introduce two bloggers whose posts you have commented on in the past month.

I have been following Richard at A Bit of Culture since he started his blog, and long before that with his superb, informative articles on Simonseeks.  Go and say “hi” for me!

Having accepted that Christmas might just be around the corner, I thought you’d like to see Cath’s beautiful craftwork on Lizzie Rose Jewellery.  She likes Portugal too, so we’re bound to be friends.

Naturally, a pink logo to finish!  Don’t forget to visit East of Malaga.



      1. Sounds like heaven for sure and I am very glad you had such a lovely day hon. We truly have lots to be grateful for. I had a day like that as well. I love those ‘tired but good’ feelings. 😀 *hugs*


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