Six word Saturday


Not enough week- too many challenges!

imagesCA3IIGP0So, I’m going to do “a challenge within a challenge”.


How boring, I thought!  That means girly things, flowers and sunsets.  But you know from last week that I love flowers and sunsets.  It’s two years this week since my first post and in all that time I’ve only done the CBBH Challenge four times, though I love Marianne’s work at East of Malaga.  Time to up the numbers!

Pretty pink, in Silves

Pretty pink wall, in Silves, the Algarve

Enough of the flowers.  How about some girly things?  As usual, click on any of the gallery photos for close ups and my cheery commentary.

Anyone got a birthday today?

Anyone got a birthday today?

Which sunset to finish with?  That’s the question!

Do you like this one, reflected in the puddle?

Do you like this one, reflected in the puddle?

Or the drama of this one?

Or maybe the drama of this one?

Well, I guess that’s enough pink to complete this challenge, and hopefully entertain my Six word Saturday readers too.  Thanks, Cate, for double hostessing!

With her challenge, Marianne traditionally invites you to introduce two bloggers whose posts you have commented on in the past month.

I have been following Richard at A Bit of Culture since he started his blog, and long before that with his superb, informative articles on Simonseeks.  Go and say “hi” for me!

Having accepted that Christmas might just be around the corner, I thought you’d like to see Cath’s beautiful craftwork on Lizzie Rose Jewellery.  She likes Portugal too, so we’re bound to be friends.

Naturally, a pink logo to finish!  Don’t forget to visit East of Malaga.



      1. Sounds like heaven for sure and I am very glad you had such a lovely day hon. We truly have lots to be grateful for. I had a day like that as well. I love those ‘tired but good’ feelings. 😀 *hugs*

  1. What a treat – six words I can so very much relate to and such lovely photos as well! I don’t wear much pink but I do find it quite lovely to look at, especially in the sky.

    Thanks for playing 6WS and for sharing the photo challenge!

  2. I hardly wear pink but I’m totally into Rose roses…And do you remember this song by Bette Midler The rose, I can hear it a dozen time. Finally your challenge is fully and beautifully done.

    Actually you inspires me for a request I had lately, so thank you so much Johanna.

    Did I mentionned that your picture were nice ?

    Take good care


  3. Not a pink person either, but I love the flowers (naturally) and the lovely pink tiles and white balcony – how beautiful is that! And who can fail to love a pink sunset 🙂

    1. I got confused on your two (or more?) websites earlier on. Can’t remember if I left a comment or no.
      Funny- Richard mentioned a pink footie shirt in his comments and my son has one. Not sure that it would have made a desirable addition to the post though. Did you see Cathy’s Pink? (Catbird or Nomad Interrupted) It was a hoot! 🙂

    1. Hi Suze! Are you all set? I’m still excited for you, though I can’t remember where you’re honeymooning? Must be Far East. Tell him he’s a lucky man 🙂 I’m sure he knows. Wishing you a long and happy life together.

      1. Yes all set, sort of, getting there, still quite a lot to do. Nearly! Thank you so much for your good wishes which mean a lot 🙂 We have two nights in Venice – we are going to Thailand at the end of Oct but we’re going with friends and it was already booked before we decided to get married this year – we didn’t want to spoil our friends’ hols by having them think they were tagging along on our honeymoon!!

  4. Love those pink sunsets, Jo, and I believe I was with you when you took the first photo in Silves. Am I right? I’m the same; although I follow Marianne, I’ve only managed to do her photo challenge several times. I need to get with the program!

    1. I think you’re doing pretty well with your programme for a fulltime working lady 🙂 I need to go back to your Scott Fitzgerald post. I had to rush through it because James was limping down the stairs to go to A&E. Turns out he’s been walking around on a fractured bone. Didn’t stop him going to the recording studio this afternoon (but WILL keep him off work till he gets a “boot” fitted 😦 )

      Yes, I’ve seen a very similar shot on yours, Cathy 🙂

      1. Thanks, Jo! I’m trying to keep blogging but believe me, I feel it’s a losing battle with my limited time. I hope James has got his boot fitted by now; funny how these things don’t stop people from having fun, but they do stop them from working!

        I do believe that shot was taken on our Silves outing. 🙂

  5. What is it that made you choose the colour pink? Now, when you reflect back at this post, what thoughts come to you?

    Found your pictures beautifully complimenting each other. Was it the colour or something else, I wonder?


    1. Sorry I didn’t make myself clear, Shakti 🙂 Marianne’s blog runs a monthly challenge (CBBH) and this month’s subject was PINK! The link takes you there but I was trying to “kill two birds with one stone” as the unkind saying goes. Maybe not as successfully as I thought. 😦

  6. See – Pink doesn’t have to be girly, does it? Lovely photos, Jo and thanks for the introduction to Cath’s gorgeous jewellery 🙂 It’s very timely for me that you linked to Richard’s blog, because we are heading to Portugal in about four weeks and I found a great “48 hours in Lisbon” piece there that I’ve bookmarked!

  7. I love the pink, especially that first photo which is gorgeous! The Happy Birthday made me smile, too. Little pink garments and sparkly pink shoes…I was going to say my niece would be in heaven in that shop, but actually I would be enjoying it myself. Lovely flowers too, altogether delightfully pink. All that’s missing is a nice pink tea service. 🙂

  8. all so gorgeously pink thanks Jo … and I do love the sunset reflected in the puddle! my pink photos have been waiting on the desktop for a few weeks, so you are spurring me to action!

  9. I don’t do challenges but applaud those who do. I’m doing good to get a blog up every two weeks as it is. Not enough hours in a day! Like Viv, I’m not a pink person, especially clothing, but those skies and flowers are nature’s gift to us.

    1. I’m not at all sure why I do, Lynne. It’s essentially a chasing popularity and followers ploy, after all, and I tell myself that’s not why I blog. (I don’t always believe myself though 🙂 ) Do you work? I can’t remember. If I did it would be an absolute impossibility.

  10. Not a pink person, but your gallery is truly beautiful. That top photo is so beautiful the pink walls and the little French white balcony … just love it. And I like the puddle photo – amazing sky … will captured. Truly beautiful post, everyday pink. *smile

      1. My ass is … just normal and I like it like that *smile
        Been over and seen visit your bridge … stunning post, excellent job and 79 people agree with me

  11. Gorgeous pink gallery, Jo. You can’t go wrong with flowers and sunsets. Love the other girlie stuff too. I agree with you…….too many challenges, too little time. I have all my pics, but need to get ‘a round tuit’. 🙂

  12. Hi Jo ~~ Yes, very “Pretty in Pink” today. My favorite was probably the first one, the Balcony in Algave. A high favorite too is the Peppa Pig coat. If my granddaughter (Londonite) were to see this she would want it. Maybe she has seen but they have to wear uniform coats and jackets to her school.

    If I did pink I would post a couple of pink cars or three that I have captured on digits in the last few years. We don’t see many. I may have let a Pink London Taxi get away this summer.

    1. Evenings I usually sit in the armchair with my back to the window, for maximum light, but as soon as it falls dusk I’m craning over my shoulder, Laurie 🙂 Or grabbing the camera if it’s a good one.

  13. the pink sky has always been my favorite!

    To celebrate the publication of my memoir, Dangled Carat, I have several giveaways on my blogs – prizes include autographed copies of the book, a ring from Berricle jewelers and a $25 Victoria Secret gift card – I hope you can check it out…

  14. lovely pinks!! and such an imagination you have to include other than flowers. Pink is not boring and your post displays that. great job!! (will have to come back later to see your commentary on each photo….life is calling me away from my Saturday morning blogging….)

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