Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerCheese flavoured icecream with Jamie Oliver!

Jamie looks on as the icecream cone is filled

Jamie looks on as the cone is filled with berries and the cheesy icecream

I was mildly chastised by a dear blogging friend for the verbosity of my Six word Saturdays, so I’m not going to hang about explaining.  I’ll simply say that my weekend with my daughter produced a few surprises.  Click on any photo for more details.

I’m practising brevity. (but only for the purposes of this challenge)  What do you think?  Join Cate at Show My Face if you want to play along.  The button below links to my previous Six word Saturdays.  Happy weekend!



  1. Too brief for me Jo! I did tell you I enjoy your verbosity 🙂
    Jokes apart, lovely post. You have given me one more thing to put on my ‘taste before you die list’!!

    1. Thank you so much for the time spent with me! Sometimes you can get lured in and whoops, there goes another evening. I’m off duty for a little while, my Polish family having gone home. Time for a catchup myself 🙂

  2. Well, some says we can please everyone dear Jo, as far as I’m concerned your long post doesn’t bored me, your picture are always beautiful as well. Seems like you don’t need to practise that much, brevety is “also” in your blood…

    All my best and happy SWS !


  3. Oh my goodness, you had me at Jamie Oliver! How cool is that, well your photos are super awesome too! Lucky you!

    1. It was totally unexpected, Karen. I would rather have liked to stay for a meal, but I was just off the coach and Lisa had just finished work, so maybe another time. 🙂

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