Thursday : Lingering look at Windows- week 32

Leeds indoor market

Leeds Kirkgate Market

Returning from my daughter’s in Nottingham on Monday, the National Express bus decanted me into Leeds for an hour and a half, before my onward journey home.  It wasn’t the warmest of days and I was happy to escape into Kirkgate Market for a delicious chicken, mushroom and cheese pancake.  As an additional bonus I snapped a few windows in this beautiful building.

If you follow the link it will give you the convoluted history of the building.  For my purposes it’s enough to say that it’s the largest covered market in Europe, with around 800 stalls.  The market dates back to 1822, the first covered sections being added from 1850.  The domed, glazed roof was modelled on Paxton’s Crystal Palace in London’s Hyde Park.  It has enormous appeal.

One last snippet of information- Kirkgate Market was the founding location of Marks and Spencer, which opened initially as a penny bazaar.  A commemorative clock was unveiled to mark the centenary of M & S in 1984.  Today there is still a Marks and Spencer’s stall alongside the clock.

Click on the gallery to wander the market with me.

Thanks Dawn, for reminding me every week how much I like windows.  To join the challenge, visit Lingering Visions.


  1. You’ve found the best place to eat a pancake in the market. Coffees and milkshakes are great too ! And not too far away, there is a delicious Moroccan food stand. I recommend it ! A bit spicy, but very yummy !

    1. Funny, I was just wondering if you were doing “catchup” in this dodgy Bank Holiday weather we’re having, and here you are. I don’t get far Sundays as my Dad is watching GP/snooker after his Sunday lunch.
      My son currently lives in Leeds but he works in Bradford, so I missed him on Monday. Right now he has the joy of being at a very wet Leeds Music Fest 🙂 Leeds has quite a lot going for it these days, but for me the best bit is this market.

  2. A bit behind on leaving a good comment for my blogging friend but here I am and I liked catching up with your photographs and seeing what you’ve been up to! You are good to make time to visit my blog.

    1. You don’t have savoury pancakes? They are delicious. I was choosing between this one, which was garlicky, and smoked bacon, brie and sundied tomatoes. They were out of bacon so the choice was easily made. Pancake batter is plain anyway (like our Yorkshire Pudding) till you add the fillings. Try it! 🙂

  3. What a great place to have some time in. Such appeal and I’m sure, something for everyone’s tastes.Just love the tall ceilings and all those windows. I’m sure you had a great time with your daughter.

  4. Wonderful gallery … I have been here, we had some suppliers in Leeds – vegetables one of them – so I have been visiting Kirkgate a couple of times, great place to wander around in. Thanks for bringing me back.

  5. Interesting! I was here a few months ago et forgot how many WINDOWS there were! Thanks for taking me back here, I love this city! Did you get any good shopping done while you were here?

    1. I thought the pancakes would get you, Zoe 🙂
      I wasn’t really shopping- just passing the time. My son lives in Leeds but works in Bradford so it all felt a little strange. I was “between children!”

    1. I really just browsed the Edwardian part, which is so pretty, Pomme. The majority of the hall is more conventional, but you’re right- you might need a bed! But I expect you’d find one there somewhere 🙂

      1. Not for many years (Christmas shopping, I believe). Funnily enough, my son lives in Leeds, but as he’s working in nearby Bradford I didn’t get to see him so I was “between children”- rather strange. 🙂

    1. It’s a bit special, Cathy. I need to go back Christmas shopping in a couple of months then I can try a different pancake. (I fancied smoked bacon, brie and sundried tomatoes, and then there were all the sweet ones too! ) 🙂

      1. Oh, Jo, you “need” to go back there for sure to Christmas shop! And I think you also “need” to have that smoked bacon, brie and sundried tomato pancake. Do you think you can ship one to me? Sounds delicious!

  6. What a fantastic place to just linger and enjoy sights, smells and sounds! And that pancake sounds delicious to me. 🙂 Lovely way to spend some time when I know you were probably already missing your daughter. ox

    1. I was looking for some things for my son, who is working at Leeds Music Festival this weekend, Debbie. The food is always expensive at the Festival and he’s skint 🙂
      But you’re right- I was missing Lisa. Still am!

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