Black and White weekly photo challenge : Windows (and doors)

Spotted in the entrance to The Station, Richmond

An interesting view of windows and doors in The Station, Richmond.

You could be forgiven for thinking that I’m still participating in Sonel’s Abstract black and white photo challenge with the above shot, but you would be wrong.  One of many things I have gained from the challenges is the desire to look at things a little differently, and to experiment now and then.  No-one encourages this more than Sonel, and she very much enjoys to “play” with her photography and create wonderful effects.

Sonel gave us permission to post this week, although the challenge is sadly concluding.  You probably know I’m partial to windows (and doors) so I’m happy to contribute one last time.

A quirky window in Durham

A whimsical window in Durham

Trompe l'oeuil windows in a favourite Durham restaurant

Trompe l’oeuil windows in a favourite Durham restaurant

Spag B & W 2It was our 24th wedding anniversary yesterday and, in addition to receiving 24 red roses, I was taken to a favourite Italian restaurant in Durham, “La Spaghettata”.  The trompe l’oeuil panels always capture my attention, and I thought you might like them in black and white.

Colour will always be my first love, but I have enjoyed my flirtation with black and white.  I hope you have too.

Sonel, I don’t care whether you show me your delightful Vervet monkeys in black and white or in gentle colour.  All that matters is that you continue to share your enormous talents with us, as, and when, you can.  On behalf of all of us who have taken part in your Black and White photo challenge, thank you.



    1. Thanks, Sam. We had a lovely day overall because we were out with the walkers on the morning, then my roses arrived, then Durham. It’s an inexpensive studenty restaurant we’ve been going to for years. 🙂

    1. It’s amazing what you find when you look, Scott, isn’t it? The camera is like a third eye. I seem to see things I wouldn’t notice otherwise. Thank you so much 🙂

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