Six word Saturday


Verão em Tavira- Summer in Tavira

Tavira council organises Verão em Tavira, a running programme of free outdoor events in the evenings over the Summer months.  Just as the day starts to cool a little, the whole world takes to the streets.  Click on the gallery above for a closer look.

And when your holiday is enlivened by the presence of another blogger- well, more of that to follow, but here’s my favourite photo of Cathy.

We went birdwatching on the Ria Formosa boat tour

We went birdwatching on the Ria Formosa boat tour

Appropriate really for someone who calls herself Catbird.  She was great company.  She flies back to the States on 25th July so I hope she’s enjoying every last moment of Portugal.  Wish I was still there.

Thanks Cate, at Show My Face, for being my kind hostess again on Six word Saturday this week.  I’ll be round later to see what you’ve all been up to while I was away.  Wonder what next week will bring?



  1. Hello Johanna

    Late on my SWS visit back this week and what a wonderful and rich post, now you made me add the Portugal in my country list. Fab Caseiro the donut man made me smile. Did you try some traditional portuguese dance Cathy and you ? Thanks for your wishes dear !


  2. Wonderful photos of a gorgeous place, Jo. Looks like there’s so much to do there, both day and night. How amazing that you could meet up with Cathy too. I agree with you; the pic of her is lovely. 🙂

    1. He very neatly and efficiently loaded the empty barrow when the ferry came in, Gem. I’d been trying to get a shot of the barrow as people filed past me to get on the ferry. He saw me and sprang into the silly pose. What could I do? 🙂
      Barril = beautiful.

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