The Golden Hour

The Military Bridge, Tavira

The Military Bridge, Tavira

Seen from the quayside

Seen from the quayside

And I guess you all know this one?  Ponte Romana.

And I guess you all know this one? Ponte Romana.

But this is my favourite. The umbrellas look like ghosts.

But this is my favourite. The umbrellas look like ghosts.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist being drawn into this week’s photo challenge.  As soon as I saw the theme I was back on that riverbank in my head.  Hope you like the results.

Who wouldn’t want to take photos at this delectable time of day?  Check out the numerous wonderful entries at The Golden Hour.


  1. This is just wondeful Johanna, your picture are the perfect illustration to Verlaine’s word : Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, Luxe, calme et volupté… I will try to find this poem in english.


    1. No worries, Grace. I can read French. Conversational skills are limited but as in all things that’s lack of practise (and grammar). And thanks for the compliment. 🙂

    1. I thought I’d replied, Amy, but maybe not? I felt such a fool when I realised I’d got the wrong challenge for this week, but everybody’s been very kind. 🙂

      1. 🙂 we have a glorious day here been sunny but too humid to enjoy it unless it was 6 AM and 8 PM then the bugs eat you lol we just can’t win but today now it is a WINNER

  2. It did throw up some nice pix didn’t it? The challenge I mean. I like the glow on the water on the Ponte Romana one. Then I thought why is she photoing people dressed up as ghosts? – and read your caption. I also wondered why you were happily referring to it as this week’s challenge! Still a) better late than never and b) rules are made to be broken.

    1. I knew you’d approve of me rule flouting, Rough, but it was completely unintentional (though not regretted). I wouldn’t mind but Cathy (Catbird in Oman), who stayed with me a couple of days, had already mentioned that it was last week’s subject. Just didn’t penetrate my sun-addled brain. Back in the gloom now, so normal service will be resumed.
      Didn’t make it to Gib because I invited Cathy at the last minute. Another time 🙂

      1. Walked past one of our Italian restaurants yesterday and immediately thought of you when I saw their umbrella things. First thing that came to mind was ‘ghosts’! And Jo.

    1. What a nitwit I am, Cathy. I remember you told me it was last week’s challenge, but by the time I posted, it was this week already! Time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂
      You’ll be back in Lisbon today for a final fling? No shopping, mind! I’ve got my eye on you.

      1. I can’t even get around to joining the photo challenges, though I probably do have some pics that would qualify. My hotel in Lisbon only seems to have WiFi in the common room, which really hampers blogging. I like to do it in my room when I’m relaxing. Oh well, I’ll get to it when I get home.

        You are so funny, Jo! About the shopping, you know how hopeless I am, but so far, I’ve spent a half day in Lisbon and have hardly spent anything. However, I was very lazy this morning and opted for a taxi door to door from Sintra. That cost me 36 euros. I could have done it much cheaper by train!

    1. It’s ok, Ventis- you don’t need always to translate. It’s a lot of work for you and you shouldn’t encourage me to be so lazy. Often I have the sense of what you are saying but not the time to fully appreciate. I love the tiny moon- she just made it into the photo.
      Hope your weekend has been wonderful. I will visit later. 🙂

  3. la mia adorata luna…un po’ palliduccia, ma sempre incantevole, i tuoi scatti sempre incantevoli , si osserva fatti con amore
    buona domenica ad Hartlepool Johanna

  4. Superb …. that last photo with the moon … beautiful – congratulations to a perfect entry for the challenge. How cares if the challenge is passed, we do as we please.

      1. The challenge is always to take great pics, no matter what the theme is. I have no idea what the theme is, actually, but I know a beautiful pic when I see one.

        Well done!

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