Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerFrom here

Hartlepool, viewed from Christ Church tower, on a sunny day!

Hartlepool, viewed from Christ Church tower, on a sunny day!

to here

Tavira, in the Eastern Algarve

Tavira, in the Eastern Algarve- not quite so sunny!

In fact, a little moody, but I still love it.

In fact, a little moody.

But with a promise of blue.

But with a strong promise of blue.

And back!

IMG_6528As you can see from the centre photos, the weather was quite temperamental when we were last in the Algarve.  I suspect that will not be the case this trip, as it’s in the 30’s currently.  Oddly enough the Summer has arrived in the UK too (yes, even the north east!) so I won’t have to feel guilty about leaving my English friends shivering.  It’s a win! win! situation.

So looking forward to dabbling my toes, and sharing special birthday celebrations with my husband. (his- I’m just a youngster- secret smile )  I also have a treat in store.  For a couple of days I’m playing hostess to Cathy or Catbird as some of you will know her.  Having left Oman she is now romping her way around Spain, and then Portugal, before returning home to the States.  Her exhausting itinerary is here, but won’t it be fun?

Enjoy Six word Saturday, as well as the weather, while I’m gone.  Many thanks to Cate at Show My Face.  Back soon!



  1. All the shots are brilliant but I especially love the moody shot in Tavira!
    Have a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing all about it, Jo!

  2. I hope you have a great time with lots of lovely sunshine. It’s strange, but whenever the weather’s good here it makes me want to go away on holiday. It should make me want to stay here, since it’s not all that common an occurrence. For now, I have no choice and am enjoying the fine weather, I hope it’s still here when you get back.

    1. No surprise that it’s almost gone, Lorna- the sun was out this morning. I guess that’s more than enough? I should have had breakfast in the garden when I had the chance. Maybe tomorrow? 🙂

  3. Are those little gargoyle type faces on the church tower? Such beautiful sunny shots, we’ve seen on the news that the UK is experiencing really warm days , I hope the sunny days continue 🙂

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