Urban Design

View from Christ Church tower over Hartlepool

View from Christ Church tower over Hartlepool

I walked into town today, thinking about Jakesprinter’s theme for this week’s Sunday Post, Urban Design.  I live on a green and leafy estate, with a variety of housing styles.   Some of the older properties are full of character, but, as you approach the centre, many of them are rundown in appearance.

I was randomly taking photographs, and writing the captions in my head.  As often happens, the shopping I had set out to do was on the back burner.  We have a state of the art college of further education and I was thinking what a fine photo it would make, with the multi-national flags flying outside.  Alas, the flags weren’t flying today, but the sky was a beautiful shade of blue.  It struck me that it was the perfect day for something I had meant to do for quite a while- climbing Christ Church tower.

As a girl, I attended Sunday School at this church.  Over time it fell into disuse, but then was given a brilliant new lease of life as an art gallery.  A new stairwell has been constructed for safe access to the tower, from which the views were said to be wonderful.  I was warned that the church bells would chime noisily every 15 minutes, and off I went.

Looking down on the bells and hoping they won't chime just yet.

Looking down on the bells and hoping they won’t chime just yet.

Almost there!

Almost there!

Wonderful to look through the old walls to newer Hartlepool.

Wonderful to look through the old walls to newer Hartlepool.

Looking down Church St. to what used to be docks.

Looking down Church Street to what used to be the docks.

The railway station, and beyond, the Historic Quay and marina

The railway station, and beyond, the Historic Quay and marina.

That shiny new college of further ed I told you about.

That shiny new College of Further Ed I told you about.

My husband's beloved football ground- Hartlepool FC.

My husband’s beloved football ground- Hartlepool FC.

But never far away, the sea.

But never far away, a little industry and the sea.

And there you have it- a beautiful use for an unwanted church, and the town planners current version of Hartlepool.

I’m a little late with this challenge, but I always love to support Jake.  Come with me to look at his wonderful graphics, and check out the other entries.  The lucky snake or any of the links will take you there.



  1. Nice post and photos Jo. I’m a map person, and I love seeing a city from above. A view from above is really just a 3D map. For this reason, I love google maps, and superimposing the satellite on the street view. In fact, I don’t really feel like I truly know a city until I’ve had a good look at a map. ~James


    1. I love maps too, James. Rather sad that I’m not good at following them, even when I turn them upside down. 🙂 Sorry for my late response- I don’t use internet while I’m away. I’ll catch up soon.


  2. A wonderful idea for Jake’s theme, Jo. I’m glad the bells didn’t chime right in your ear. 🙂 You really got some great views from up there. 🙂 Happy Sunday to you. xx


    1. Almost the best part was a long chat I had at the top with a lady who was born in the town, and had come back to say her farewells after her parents had died, Dianne. So easy to connect with people sometimes. 🙂


  3. I love urban motive …. don’t take photos enough of it. like the roughness and boldness … Great gallery – my favorite is “Almost there” – just love how you have caught the sunshine.


  4. Very nice Jo and thanks for letting me know that the clock tower is accessible. Church Street looks so much longer from that viewpoint. It would appear that you are going to miss our summer again….what about this weather?..Surely it can’t last. 🙂


    1. And at the top of the tower, a long conversation with a lady who went to school in Hartlepool, now lives in the States, and was in town to say her ‘goodbyes’ because mum and dad are now both dead. Yes, a good day 🙂


    1. It’s fine, Viv. I know how hectic things must be with the coming move. More important you take care of yourself and don’t overdo it. 🙂
      We’re back to Tavira tomorrow evening and I’m not yet sure if I’m doing 6WS.


      1. 🙂 us too

        Been in the high 90’s (F) rain coming Mon and Tues they say thunderstorms possible but today we shall roast again if we leave the ac. I will take the 3 rd cup of coffee out with that beautiful dog of ours and do watering of all the garden club plants and my garden and plants too. Can’t wait till fall so we can sell these plants or do 3 more intersection with them then I can really sit back and enjoy with less worry about caring for them.


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