Thursday : Lingering look at windows, week 25

A rainy day on Durham Cathedral roof looking down on the Castle

A rainy day on Durham Cathedral roof, looking down on the Castle.

Maybe not quite window in the conventional sense, but I could, and did, look through it.  Some of you wandered Durham’s riverbanks with me earlier this week, and I make no apologies for taking you back again today.

It’s quite a special week for Durham because the Lindisfarne Gospels have been returned, for a short while, to their rightful home in the north east.  Created 1,300 years ago, in honour of St. Cuthbert, they are on loan from the British Library and will be on display until 30th September.  Palace Green, in front of the Cathedral, is a deservedly beautiful location.  Ticket sales are booming.  The link above will show you why.   Meantime, a few more Durham windows.

How lucky are the students at Durham University?  They get to use the castle as “digs” and dine in the fabulous Great Hall.  Taking photos isn’t allowed but I would suggest you take the tour if you’re in Durham to see the Gospels.  It’s bookable in the same building.  My post Discovering Durham will give you a lot more information.

Next week I shall be gazing through some real windows in the Algarve, so won’t be taking part in this challenge.  But I expect I’ll have a few shots to bring back.

Off now to check out the other entries at Lingering Visions.  Have you a few windows you’d like to share?  Dawn will be delighted.


  1. It’s years since I was in Durham and I never did the university tour but now I’d love to go back and do it. What a beautiful city it is, with some stunning windows. And, of course, I would have to take tea at that lovely looking Tealicious – thank you kindly for including that! 🙂


  2. hai scelto con cura l’occhio con cui guardare,
    The Day undressed – Herself –
    Her Garter – was of Gold –
    Her Petticoat of Purple – just –
    Her Dimities – as old
    E. Dickinson

    ecco, la mia giornata è cominciata così, guardando te
    serena nuvola rosa nell’Algarve per te e chi ti è caro


    1. I’m going to cook because temperatures are set to soar, but I’d as soon do it on an Algarve beach if I’m going to melt. You red folk have to avoid the sun?
      Thanks 🙂


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