CBBH Photo challenge- same subject, different time

Marianne at East of Malaga knew I was going to be predictable in her CBBH challenge this month.  Well, when you know a lovely spot, why not share it?  So here we have Tavira, in the Eastern Algarve, at different times of day.

Ponte Romana in Tavira

Ponte Romana in Tavira

And in the evening, it gets better

And in the evening, it just gets better

And better, don't you think?

And better!  I love those reflections under the bridge.

And when the tide's in, it's different again.

And when the tide’s in, it’s different again.

I can’t compete with the drama of Marianne’s disappearing mountain.  It’s a stunner!  But by this stage of things I’m getting mellow, with a glass of port and the swifts for company.

I like the view in the other direction, too, looking away from the Ponte Romana to the Old Military bridge. (which is so old it has holes in!)

It's peaceful and calm in the evenings

It’s peaceful and calm as the sun sets

And sometimes the colours are simply stunning

And sometimes the opalescent colours are simply stunning

I don't take many full evening shots

Then the lights come on, and it’s different again

Maybe Cabanas is more your kind of place?  You won’t often see it this empty.

I can almost hear the clop of sandals on the boardwalk

No telltale clop of sandals on the boardwalk

Or flip flops!  Much more peaceful.

Ssh, flip flops are quieter!  Who IS that smiley lady?

Later in the day, there’s a little more vibrance.

Is this what's called a rosy hue?

I guess this is what’s called a rosy hue?

I’m not certain that this is quite what Marianne had in mind, but I’ve got 4 weeks before the challenge finishes, so I can always try again.

But first, let me introduce Ventisqueras.  Sometimes a blog comes along that really excites me, and this lady does exactly that.  We struggle with language because my Italian is just a few words, but sometimes that doesn’t matter.

I um and err when I have to choose blogs, but I know there are a lot of pet lovers out there.  I found Bailey Boat Cat quite recently and it did make me smile.  Such an elegant feline.  Enjoy checking them out and have a great month!


    1. I thought of doing different weather, too, Ana, but I haven’t had time to go back and check the other entries, as I was in Nottingham with my daughter this weekend. Thank you! 🙂

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