Thursday- Lingering look at Windows- week 21

I’m determined to be on time with this challenge.  Truthfully I don’t have much choice because tomorrow I’m off to Nottingham, to attend a Steampunk book launch with my daughter.  You can imagine what fun that’s going to be!

Last week I shared a few Polish windows with you, so it’s only fair that this week I do the same for Portugal, don’t you think?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can pause the gallery to read the captions if you hover over it.  Clever, huh?

But my very best Portuguese window has to be this one.  Anyone who has walked through this gate and looked up will recognise it- fabulous Porta da Vila, in Obidos.

It's in the town walls of Obidos.

So what do you think, Poland or Portugal?  I really can’t choose because I love them both.  Many thanks to Dawn at Lingering Visions for hosting this challenge.  Don’t forget to check out the other entries, and maybe add one of your own.

I guess it’ll have to be English windows next week?  We’ll see.


  1. Dear Jo,
    I remember all the painted tiles used in architecture in Portugal. This window is quite a find, but you have added interest to the composition by capturing it from an unusual angle. Excellent eye!

    1. I certainly did, TBM. AND Rafa won!!! History made. I saw the highlights of the semis and final while in Nottingham. Looking forward to watching the Novak match some time this week. 🙂

    1. It’s a beautiful world, isn’t it, Francine? (though when I look at some of the unrest and troubles everywhere, I’m not so sure) Bless you too, hon. 🙂

    1. Isn’t that a song, Gem? We could do a double act! 🙂
      Choked with cold, which isn’t ideal, but I see Lisa so rarely. I’m overdosing on vitamin C and going to bounce down to Nottingham.

  2. Polskę znam. Jest piękna, to mój kraj ojczysty.
    Portugalii nie znam, dlatego w podróż wybrałabym się właśnie do niej.
    Chciałabym móc kiedyś zobaczyć wybrzeże portugalskie i pooddychać tamtejszym powietrzem 🙂

    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie!

    1. Did you see the photos of Aveiro, also on this challenge? They were stunning! I narrowly missed going there last September, but just couldn’t fit it in. Definitely still on my list. 🙂

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