Lingering look at Windows- week 20

Who doesn’t love windows?  Looking out on a bright Summer’s day.  Looking in, when the lights are on, all cosy on an Autumn evening.  I’m always drawn by the lamplight.  Or by sunshine, of course.

But if you’re going to linger over them, the windows have to be a bit special, don’t they?  I think I can offer a few from my recent trip to Poland.

I climbed the narrow circular steps of the Ratusz with my cousin, Adam, and neice, Ula.  The views through the art nouveau windows were definitely special, even on a murky day.  Ula confessed to me that they’d never climbed the tower before, even though they live in Kraków.  I should show you how it looks from the outside.

You don't even know how beautiful the windows are from down below

You really can’t tell how beautiful the windows are from down below

I’ve enjoyed my first attempt at a lingering look at windows.  Thanks, Dawn, for a really nice idea, and sorry it’s taken me so long to join in.  I’m already thinking which windows I can use for next week’s challenge.   Off  I go to look through a few more.


    1. Many thanks for all your lovely comments, Paula. Sorry I didn’t have time to join the conversation last night. I was immersed in Steampunk! Up and running today. 🙂


  1. and I finally understood the cosily arranged ha ha ha!!!!! Grazieeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I am deeply honored in your quote and I will calmly how best to thank you
    Meanwhile I look your bridges
    you know, the bridges as the words are Rainbows which are able to reach and to bridge distances, no matter if with different languages sometimes if they lose the shades …
    but it remains unchanged the substance that binds the lovers of the beauty of the soul
    a happy day for you blonde and smiling Lady


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