To the Manor born


Thrumpton Hall, just south of Nottingham, returned to it’s glory days last weekend, when my daughter Lisa married Leonardo Lopez Wain.  I should have known that there was a Byron connection.  A more romantic setting it would be hard to imagine.  And indeed, a former owner of the Hall, Frederick the 10th Baron Byron, was married to Lady Anna Fitzroy, sister of the 10th Duke of Grafton, and a direct descendant of King Charles II.

An engraving of Thrumpton Hall by Wencelas Hollar in the 1600s

An engraving of Thrumpton Hall by Wencelas Hollar, 1600s (Creative Commons)

The Cavaliers would have felt quite at home at last Saturday’s reception.  My daughter loves period costume and the wedding guests were invited to indulge in the same.  Many of her friends are role players and were delighted to partake.  As one of the guests remarked to me “I just love dressing up, don’t you?”  I had to confess that it was my first time, but that, yes, it did feel good.

I had already survived the drama of arriving at the wrong church just 15 minutes before the ceremony was due to begin, and a panic stricken scurry through country lanes to collapse into my seat a bare 5 minutes before the bride.  My reading from Song of Solomon was delivered with an impassioned throb in my voice and knocking knees as I struggled to find my place in the bible.  After that, everything felt good.

The Hall was magnificent.  We gathered in the library, around an open fire.  The books and the furniture were from a bygone age.  The reception rooms were lavish, and the Jacobean cantilevered staircase, carved in wood from the estate, an object of real beauty.  The guests mingled as good guests should.  The atmosphere was as warm as the fire.

All too soon it was over, and Lisa and Leo stepped briefly out of character to fly BA to their honeymoon in Venice.  Costumes donned again, they were off to Carnaval and a masked ball.  May they always be as happy as they are today.

To see the dress and bouquet in more detail, please visit my Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post : On going.  You can click on any of these individual photos to see them in gallery form.  Happy Valentine’s Day everybody.


  1. Dear Jo,
    What an interesting family you have! May they never lose their sense of fun and adventure. Dressing up in period costume has always been a fun family activity for us. We went to medieval fairs and hosted historical dinners, and all that we enjoyed sharing with the kids. We have tucked away the best costumes for the grandkids, whenever that time comes, because I’m sure we’ll still be playing dress up then!


    1. It was a first for me, Naomi, and I had quite a bit of angst finding a frock, but I never saw more smiling faces at a wedding and they certainly generated a lot of happiness.


    1. You were perfectly lucid, as ever, Tilly. Sorry you’ve not been well. I knew you had WordPress issues so thought your absence was down to that. I mostly chase the travel blogs around and catch up with you on 6WS. (more hours, please!)


  2. What a fabulous spectacle! Talk about getting married in style. 🙂

    I’m so glad you pointed me in this direction – because I’ve been unwell, I’ve missed a lot of what’s been going on and I was looking forward to the wedding photos I might otherwise have missed.


    1. It was fabulous, Linda, and all the more so because Lisa did so much of the work herself. (dress, Leo’s jacket and waistcoat, bridesmaid’s dress, groom’s waistcoats, cake and bouquets)


      1. Hoping to tour New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington DC early June maybe. In the planning stage at the moment…….Google Earth really comes in handy!


  3. A beautiful fairytale marriage. I love the costumes. I hope the newly wedded couple will live together, in marriage happily ever after. What a story! Thank you for sharing.


    1. It felt pretty much like being part of a fairy tale. They’ve been happy for the past 10 years, despite all that life has thrown at them, so I’m hopeful, Yahobahne. Many thanks for your nice comments.


  4. Beautiful, Jo! The queen mother looks lovely as well. I’m sure this was a wonderful occasion. I’m sorry you were in a panic about being late though and had to deliver your part with knees shaking!! The honeymoon in Venice sounds like the perfect ending to a unique wedding! 🙂


    1. No worries, Cath. It wouldn’t be me if things ran too smoothly! It all came right in the end. They’re home again this evening and here I am up at crack of dawn and can’t sleep. What else are blogs for? Thanks for your company.


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