Six word Saturday


Am I allowed a dark side?

Witches hats

Witches hats

In close up

In close up

And with Penshaw Monument in the background

And with Penshaw Monument in the background

If you look through one of these holes, you get a close up image

If you look through one of these holes, you should see a close up image (Penshaw Monument in this case)

I believe it's a trick of the eye, but I couldn't get a shot through it to show you

I believe it’s a trick of the eye, but I couldn’t get a shot through it to demonstrate- sorry!

So I wandered off to see the swans instead

So I wandered off to see the swans instead

They weren't too impressed with me

They weren’t too impressed with me

So I went off to sit on the silly bench

But the silly bench didn’t seem to mind

And check out our industrial heritage

I checked out some industrial mining heritage

Until it was time to go

Until it was time to go

I write travel blogs.  It’s my job to entertain, and take you wandering along with me, and I love to do it.  Sometimes it’s an escape- a welcome release when things aren’t going well.  These photos I took in Herrington Country Park this week seemed to match my mood.

Cate at Show My Face welcomes all such random observations on life.  Pop over and see how everyone else’s week has gone, or even play the game.  Why not?  The header and link will tell you how.



  1. Enjoyed walking with you. The witches hat sounds intriguing!
    Of course you are allowed a dark side, as long as you don’t wallow in there too long….take care Jo 🙂

  2. you can LIKE me on Facebook too 🙂 Folsom Mill Studio and from there MY PAGE 🙂

    Love this post!


  3. Images both lovely and interesting. And how delightfully cool the countryside looks! (In Australia we are sweltering.)

    1. Crazy weather! We’ve had so much rain that subsidence is becoming a problem as well as flooding, and we’ve watched your forest fires in horror. No middle road at the minute, Rosemary.

  4. The Penshaw Monument, once described by Terry Wogan as the ‘Acropolis of the North East’. It certainly catches the eye when driving up the A19, not sure that it fits with it’s surroundings though.

      1. Not been away Jo, just that my photo stock needs replenishing. As a matter of fact we are off to your favourite place on Tuesday, eleven days in the Algarve. Couldn’t wait till spring and with what we are expecting weather wise here, it must be so much better in Portugal. Hopefully will get some nice pics.

      2. We go out on the 26th, David, so will just “miss” you! We only have a week as my daughter’s wedding’s 9th Feb. Where are you staying?

  5. Like your view on those hats … great shots and funny – from far away to close up. Brilliant idea. Lovely spot – is it in Devon, because of the straw roof … *smile

    1. The cottage is lovely, isn’t it, Viveka? I was quite surprised to see it there myself. Just a couple of houses in a cul-de-sac. Glad you liked the post- something to brighten a grey January day.

      1. Where I live in Southern part of Sweden there is quite a few farms that have straw roof, but it getting less and less, because of the cost and there isn’t many tradesmen left neither. It was a great post you shared with us. Thanks.

      2. Thank you, hon. We have a huge pub with a thatched roof just round the corner, here in England. They imported a team of thatchers from Poland to do the work! Strange world.

      3. That’s it – thatched roof – couldn’t for my life find the right word. We call it straw roof and I’m sure that down here in Skåne, close to Poland – is the same thing. i think it’s only 2 or 3 left in the whole county … in the old days every roof was like that.
        The best material you can use – will keep your house warm and cozy too. I love them.

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