A Winter’s walk around Staindrop

Don’t all shout “where?” at once!  You know I like a wander, even if it is dull and grey.  Actually I was blessed with the occasional ray of sunshine, but don’t blink too quickly, or you’ll miss it.

You may have seen my post on Barnard Castle, a lovely riverside spot.  Whenever we drive out that way we pass through the viillage of Staindrop, and curiosity impelled me to have a closer look.  Nearby is stately Raby Castle, with its massive deer park.  Sorry- no deer photos!  They were either feeling shy or sheltering beneath distant trees.

If you click on the first photo, you’ll get the guided commentary.  Bye for now!


  1. County Durham? It has that look and feel about it? In fact it reminds me of the place Tony Blair lived. The name of which I have totally forgotten, but I do remember walking round and having hours to wait for the bus and there was nothing to do and nowhere to eat!

    1. You mean Sedgefield, Rough, but yes, County Durham. Staindrop is much smaller than that- a single road around a green essentially, with one very nice looking coffee shop, another ok looking coffee shop, one pub and a chippie. It’s not somewhere you’d make a beeline for, but I was mildly curious, having driven straight through many times. Curiosity now satisfied, and photos taken.

      1. Yes, I knew it began with S, but that was as much as I could remember. Although it didn’t seem to big in the centre – a village green, a mediocre looking coffee shop, a couple of pubs, a chippy. Hmm, they must all roll off the same production line 😀

    1. Funny, I thought of you just after I published this, Lorna, as there’s a nice-looking tea room bang smack in the middle of the green. Unfortunately I couldn’t test it for you, as the other half wasn’t feeling cooperative. (sigh!)

    1. Thanks, Meg. It’s shining again right now, but freezing cold so I’m content just to look out the window. (I would like another walk, but I’m still tired from this morning’s zumba) Snow on the way, we think.

    1. The skies were so grey (oops, I spelled it with an “a” the first time, and had to smile as I corrected it- word association, Dianne?) and heavy, but it was a joy just to be out and about. Thank you!

    1. The grounds are huge (by our standards!). We have so many baronial homes, it’s unbelievable sometimes. Lots of detail on the Wikipedia link to Raby Castle. Thanks for visiting with me.

    1. I do like a village green, Viv. Not familiar with Stamfordham, though we’ve driven past the sign, en route for somewhere. Must check it out next time we do. You’re always welcome.

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