Six word Saturday

A dinner party!  Who to invite?

In time honoured fashion I’ve been invited by Just Fletcher to host a dinner party, with guests of my choosing, of course.  I thought it might make a diverting Six word Saturday post?

At the top of the table I’ve got Elizabeth 1, looking very stern, so I’ll have to mind my P’s and Q’s.  What a character!  What a life she led, though not one that you could really envy.  Will Shakespeare’d be good with the courtly speeches, and I might just get the chance to ask if he really did travel to Italy, and put paid to all that controversy.

I’m sure Michael Palin will be interested, and interesting too, travel being his subject.  In any case, he can charm the birds from the trees.  If Lennon gets a bit disrespectful, Palin and McCartney’ll do the soothing, diplomatic stuff, but rapier wit won’t be in short supply.

I’ve loved Paul McCartney and his music for as long as I can remember, and wouldn’t it just be great to have those two together one more time?  With both in mellow mood, now that fate has delivered both a punch or two.  Maybe a future classic will be scrawled upon the table cloth, as the evening wears on.

An avid reader, I’ve only recently returned to historical novels, and it’s the fault of Philippa Gregory.  She lived and worked for a time in my part of the world, so I’ve always been mildly curious about her.  I was checking out some books at my local library, and “The Red Queen” was on the counter.  I could resist no longer, and was absorbed by the storytelling.  Elizabeth 1st will surely be surprised at where women find themselves in society today.

Which brings us to Helen Mirren.  Well, every dinner party needs a touch of glamour, doesn’t it?  Maybe she can console poor Bonaparte.  Such a sad ending to all those aspirations.

So what do you make of my choices?  I’m not going to nominate anyone, but if you have an inspirational line up that you’d like to share, I’d enjoy to read your post.  Have a look at Just Fletcher’s Virtual Dinner for starters (or dessert).  Cate of Show My Face has been more than tolerant of my Six word Saturdays.  Follow the link or click on the header to see how it should be played.

Before I go, I’d like to share a follow up to my last week’s 6WS.  For anyone interested in Steampunk fashion, here’s the next instalment of Jema’s interview.


    1. I know, and really happy for you, Viv. Couldn’t be pestered with the cooking so it’s chicken sarnies n chips, then the Elizabethans won’t be tempted to chuck the bones about.

  1. Interesting mix, Jo. I’d love to have dinner with Michael Palin. I wonder if he’s as funny in real life as he was in Monty Python. 😀 I would love John Lennon to come back from the dead too. 🙂

  2. That is a very varied list of guests you have there, and I love some of the comments 🙂
    I can see your sandwiches varying from dainty little crust free triangles to doorsteps to probably a baguette. 🙂
    A blog I read recently had the same challenge, but not wanting a dinner party, changed it to a barbie on the beach…….now that would be more up my street……weather permitting mind 😉

  3. I am totally unprepared for this “challenge”, but I would love to hide behind the curtain while you host your crowd, and then probably, you will hear me whistle if those two start playing 😀

  4. You’re in bit of a pickle with the food, Jo – Liz, Will and Bonaparte were all into lavish banqueting – chicken sandwiches would likely bring on a bit of a tanty!

    Speaking of the Boleyn girl – I’m trying to eke out “Bring up the Bodies” – it’s just too delicious; I can see why Hilary Mantel won another Booker for it. Now I’d better put Phillippa Gregory on my list, eh? I’m not that much into historical fiction anymore, but it’s such a fascinating period, brimful of huge characters.

    Well done, by the way – I think your virtual dinner party will go off with a zing 🙂

  5. That would be a very interesting dinner. What would you serve? I must look for Phillipa’s book as I like historical romances.

    1. D’you know, I never gave the food a thought! Would chicken sandwiches be ok, d’you think? I’m not so hot as a cook. I’d rather talk!
      I always meant to read “The Other Boleyn Girl”, but really haven’t read historical novels proper for many years. Whenever I looked for it, it was never on the shelf, then the cover of “The Red Queen” attracted me and I’m mildly hooked. Finally got my hands on the Boleyn one, but I thought it made Anne into a rather strange creature. Maybe she was- they were certainly difficult times for women.

    1. You don’t think he was just misunderstood? I’m sure Helen could work her womanly wiles on him. Mrs. Sparkly- that must have a Christmas theme? I’ll pop over for a look shortly. Many thanks!

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