Six word Saturday

Not an artistic bone in my…

What can I do with all these pretty leaves?

I often have good ideas, but am totally incapable of carrying them out.  The other day I saw a wonderful leaf photo of Ganesh.  I wish I could remember whose blog it was on, and I could show it to you.  The leaves were mostly green, but I got to thinking that with all the fabulous Autumn colours still about, I ought to be able to produce something a bit special.

Nothing too ambitious, you understand.  I know my limits!  A dog, a cat, maybe, if I tried really hard, an elephant with a howdah on it’s back?  I could picture them perfectly.  So after much effort, what did I produce?

Not exactly a floppy-eared puppy dog!

A cat? This is more like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.

And the elephant? What a disappointment! An anteater maybe…

Not going to be framed any time soon, are they?  I’ll roll them up and put them away.  Well, at least I may have given you a Saturday smile.

If by any chance you’re reading this and have recently posted “Autumn Leaves”, or the Ganesh photo, please give me a shout, with the link, and I’ll be glad to include it here, to show what real artistry is.

As usual, many thanks to Cate for hosting Six word Saturday.  The link or the header will take you to her Show My Face blog and all will be explained.


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