Sunday Post : Architecture

Architecture : what a huge subject that is!  It’s Jakesprinter’s theme for this weeks Sunday Post, and already I’m struggling!  I mean, how many of you know a song with “architecture” in the title?  The following will be a silent, contemplative post.

What does architecture do for us?  Shelters us, gives us a place to work, to be educated, to worship, to shop.  It enables us to cross from one shore to another.  It expresses both our practicality and our creativity.  Formidable, constantly moving on.  Old and new, both are capable of amazing me.

The battlements and reconstructed “old town” in Warsaw- both old and new

The prettiest of patios in Cordoba

The rooftops of Porto

Thatched housing in the north of Madeira

How about a nice place to work?

Wonderfully elaborate Town Hall in Wroclaw

Or to study?

University buildings- Wroclaw wins again!

Starting out at the “smiley” local school

Where would you prefer to worship?

The tiniest of Greek Island churches?

The cathedral in Porto

Or Wroclaw’s Ostrow Tumski- stunningly ornate!

Shopping- as important to some as religion.  There’s no lack of choice here either.

Lello’s amazing book store in Porto

A simple shop in the Polish suburbs

Or a trendy new shopping centre in Warsaw

I can’t choose between these bridges.  Tradition or modernity.  Can you?

The beautiful approach to Cordoba and the incomparable Mesquita

The Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees

It seems we are only limited by our imagination.  That doesn’t seem to be a problem for Jake.  I was sold from the very first time I saw the flying dragon logo.  Click on it, or any of the links to see his interpretation this week, and maybe join in yourself?

I’ve been amazed already by some of the entries this week:


    1. It was tiny, Madhu. Just space for the “old lad” who lived there with his tray of “free” liqueurs so long as you left a tip! It was awfully commercial but there are only two of these original houses left, so I suppose you can’t blame them for making the most of.

  1. It’s really interesting to see architecture from so many parts of world gathered together as in this post. Just shows how differentiated the way we live is across borders. Architecture is really a cultural indicator and bound to both people and the nature in a given country.

    1. Thanks Marcia. It’s an absolute favourite from my “oldies”. Not blogging these days? I haven’t seen you around and know you’re a busy lady. Lovely to hear from you.

  2. OH! I LOVE ARCHITECTURE! Amazing post, Jo! You’ve put it so well! And to add to everything you’ve said architecture tells a story, about time, and place, and the people that use them! Once again, I really enjoyed this post!

  3. As well as shelter I always think architecture gives the creater, the buider, the user and the passer-by the opportunity to enjoy a space, to revel in the artistic and the functionality. And no I couldn’t make a choice between the bridges !

  4. Hi Jo!!! I like very much the tiny house of Madeira…It is a surprise because it looks very much like a “Barraca” valenciana…And your perspective of the building of Warsaw is great!
    Thanks for the pingback and for being some minutes at my place!!!

      1. oh yes! we were just there last year(and I was there as a student eons ago). you could check out my post too if you like 🙂 I will have to check out the post you mention as well. Cordoba is so charming.

      1. we’re lucky that we have arsenals of images to peruse, though the time-consuming work can bog us down! ah, but it feels good to come out of that creative challenge with a worthy presentation.
        congratulations, you did well!!!

  5. The architecture is amazing, all so different, but still pleasing to the eye.
    The little Greek church looks like it has avocado stones peeping out of it 🙂

  6. I love all your photos, Jo! I love this kind of Old World architecture; it’s so romantic and full of character and ambiance. The little Greek chapel is adorable (you know how I love Greece!). I love both the modern and the traditional bridges, the rooftops of Porto (how can one not like red-tiled roofs?), and Lello’s bookstore in Porto. There really is so much amazing architecture in this world. Thanks so much for the mention too!

      1. I know, sometimes we all get carried away with our photos. I’m never very good at narrowing down to only a few choice ones…. You really had some great ones to choose from!

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