Sunday Post : Surroundings

Jakesprinter’s Surroundings look beautiful this week, as he lounges on the shore and waves to a passing boat.  Often enough I, too, sit with a beautiful vista before me.

Fountains playing in Lagos

Lagos fortress and old harbour

Taking to the sea, beneath Ponte da Piedade

And returning, surrounded by stacks

Boats on Tavira Island

And trees

And the setting sun

But today I’m feeling sad for all those people whose surroundings are miserable. People whose homes have been damaged by flood and fire, from Hurricane Sandy and all of nature’s extremes.  People who live in poverty.  People throughout the world who are confined by harsh leaders, or are victimised for their differences.  People who in this time of financial squeeze are struggling to maintain a grip on their surroundings.

And of course, on this, Remembrance Sunday, I’m feeling sad for those who risk their lives for us daily, often in grim surroundings.  My thoughts are with those whose surroundings are so much less desirable than my own.

Thanks, Jake, for this opportunity to share my good fortune.  Lest we forget.


  1. Ah, Tavira! i would be happy with a week in these surroundings every year 🙂
    But yes, even without these surroundings to gaze at, not a day goes by without my giving thanks for my good fortune. I have always maintained it is a fine line, an accident of birth that decides the lottery of life. Sobering thought.


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