Six word Saturday

Ever had one of THOSE weeks?

Who hasn’t?  Everything slips through your fingers, like butter.  Catastrophe slides in upon catastrophe.  If you read my Richmond post earlier this week, you’ll know that things didn’t quite go to plan on Monday.  Still, I managed to have a lovely day.  So when I met my Nordic walking friends on Thursday, I should have known I was the jinx.

The plan was to meet at Grosmont, on the North York Moors, ride the steam train as far as Goathland, then walk back to our starting point.  We’ve already done this earlier in the year, and I wrote about it in Steam’s up in North Yorkshire.  Someone forgot to consult the railway timetable, however, and in November- guess what?- there are no trains.  Ah well!  We’re all relatively fit, and fortunately, it was again a pleasant day, so- a double dose of Autumn colour.  We walked there and back again, just stopping for our picnic and a brief look around in Goathland.

Bit of a climb up first- isn’t there always?

Nice view back down. There was a steam train on the platform but no passengers allowed.

It’s always nice to follow a stream

A woodland sculpture along the way

And a nosey sheep! Seems the privet is quite tasty.

It’s a bit tiring on your hind legs, so he settled for grass.

The village of Goathland appears regularly as  Aidensfield on the TV programme, “Heartbeat”, and attracts lots of visitors because of that.  It was lovely to see it bereft of people on a crisp Autumn day.

There’s a cluster of shops and tea rooms, and a couple of village pubs.

“Aidensfield” stores

And post office

I loved the metalwork on the tearoom windowsill

And it’s not everywhere you can buy gollies any more! Anyone remember Robertson’s marmalade and collecting the badges?

Proof that it’s Goathland, not Aidensfield, in reality.

Eventually we had to set off back again.  The shadows were lengthening by the time we approached Grosmont.

Almost back to Grosmont again

Tired walkers troop downhill

Made it!

How to salvage the good out of a “dis-aster, Darling”!  (You do watch “Strictly”?)

Hope your week was better organised than mine, but no less lovely.  Many thanks to Cath at Show My Face for the opportunity to share.  The header and links will help you join in, and see what everyone else has been up to.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this and going on a virtual tour with you. I look at images of these places and my feet itch – but alas, they prefer to cycle rather than walk!
    Lovely photos and a storyline to match – perfect!

    1. Many thanks, Madoqua. My husband would prefer to cycle, too (or that’s what he says- I’ve seen no recent evidence) but it’s a skill I never acquired. I just about have enough balance for walking, and I can see the world at my pace. It’s beautiful down on those moors.

  2. Hi Jo ~~ Sorry I am so late in coming back. I had to look hard on how to get here because your Blogger Profile doesn’t have a link to your blog. I had forgotten that you use your name and not RestlessJo to sign in on Cate’s Mr. Linky deal.

    I was really well worth my visit here now, though. I do want to repeat your travel, perhaps this Spring when we return to London. It looks prettier in the fall I do believe so we may wait until next Fall instead. We plan to be in London both of the times.

    This is not a good week for me either, ever since we got back last Tuesday from London. I have lost my car keys. Mrs. Jim took her car key with her to London so we can drive it. But my Mustang key she does not keep and so both are HIDDEN away. But I forgot where I hid them. I did not tell Mrs. Jim or write down where they are.

    So I am not playing golf this morning with my buddies as Mrs. Jim needed the family car. That may be the worst part. Every day I look some more. Next was in all the jacket pockets of those hanging in the closet as Mrs. Jim just called and asked me if I had looked there. I was not expecting to find them there but did look. I have also lost my winter gloves so I looked there before I left for London.

    1. Oh dear, Jim. Sorry for your misfortunes! Hope you find your keys soon.

      I didn’t realise you had a problem finding the blog? Does it not come up when you click on the link on Cate’s page? When I first started to take part in 6WS it asked for my name and the page url and I didn’t even think about putting Restlessjo in as my name. I wonder if I should do that in future?

  3. I had gollies too and have never forgotten them. How sad that our over politically correct world has seen fit to banish them; they are, after all, a part of our heritage. I very much enjoyed your photos, Northern Yorkshire is a part of the UK I hardly know and it’s a real pleasure to explore it through the eyes of someone who obviously loves it as much as you do

  4. Great tour. I really did a double take when I spotted the golliwogs. I also used to collect the badges when I was a child, and even had one as a soft toy. I never thought a thing about it, until I heard that they were banned. I love that nosey sheep. 😆

  5. I’m sorry about this morning. Yes, I know this mornings too, we all do – and that’s most comforting! 🙂
    Thanks for taking me on this walk, I loved it. last year September Klausbernd and I went to Yorkshire, ended up in beautiful Goathland and enjoyed the purple landscape. Funny, we don’t have a telly … had never heard or seen Aidesnfiled or Heartbeat or… We got many funny looks as we asked what’s going on…? Almost like being aliens. 🙂

    1. Such a small world, Dina! One of my fellow bloggers was actually in Grosmont at the same time as me earlier this year. How strange is that? It’s beautiful on the moors in Summer.

  6. What a group of excellent photos of one of my truly favourite places.

    I’ve just popped back to your ‘Steams up……’ post to have a read, we were up that way in May this year and I’ve now a spooky feeling our paths have crossed closer than we think 😮

      1. Yes the weather for that whole week was beautiful. The dogs were hot, so we took them to the ford to cool off.
        I am totally gobsmacked that you were amongst the group of people we were chatting to at the pub that day. Such a small world.

  7. Gosh – I haven’t seen a golly for years. My nan worked at the Robertson’s factory in London so we always had plenty of marmalade and jam and I had loads of golly badges. Shame about the train but it sounds as though who had a good walk!

  8. Hi Jo, I feel like I just went on a nice long walk with you. I loved the photos of everything. Twenty years ago we took the train across the countryside to a picturesque little village. It was summertime, and unseasonable hot. I remember buying the kids ice cream at a little shop. This brought back many memories. Good for you, for not letting a monkey wrench in the plans ruin your day!

    1. Thanks Naomi. I’m becoming expert at putting a good spin on things. Lots of practise these days. It was a lovely walk, but I need a low key weekend. My Saturday morning zumba just about finished me off.

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