Six word Saturday

Our English Heritage – walk with me?

Well, the young uns are back at school and, as often happens, we’re enjoying a last glimpse of Summer.  Whoo- hoo!  Share with me a balmy day in Barnard Castle, Teesdale. 

A first peak at the River Tees, sparkling in the sunlight

And cascading over the rocks

I love the power of the water as it slaloms down the river

Around the bend and a hint of castle appears

And then the bridge

Isn’t this how a ruined castle should look?

While the river flows respectfully by

Over the bridge

My favourite shot

Stay close to the river and cross over another bridge

A strange one this, but you can sit in the middle and contemplate

Time to wander back up the High St

Maybe a little window shopping?

Choose between ancient pub and “ye olde tea shoppe”

Who are these little characters?

Back to the bandstand and turn right, signed Bowes

And a chateau awaits, now Bowes Museum

But who is the gargoyle waiting for?

The view from the terraces

The griffin’s spotted something

Much to our surprise, a Bengali wedding is taking place

Heritage of every kind.  Hope you enjoyed our little stroll?  It was too warm to hurry.

Still sunny today and I’m off to walk across the park to my zumba class.  That’ll tire me out for the weekend!  Have a good one, won’t you?

Many thanks to Cath of Show My Face, our lovely lady hostess.  Click on the link or the banner to see full details, and you can follow my activities on the button below.


  1. Oh I enjoyed this stroll so very much ….. beautiful nature, castle, bridge, park and architecture .. .and after all this you still have energy to do your zumba? What magic potion are you taking Johanna? 😉


      1. Jo, trying in vain to decipher your message on twitter. The link doesn’t seem to work. I can’t reply cause you are not following me (on twitter) apparently 🙂


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