Sunday Post : Reflection

I love glass, don’t you?  Especially stained glass, with its jewel drop colours.  Maybe it started with my mother’s glass-fronted china cabinet.  You could look, but you’d better not touch.  There was my reflection, looking back as I coveted the Japanese ladies with their elaborate hairstyles, and the Chinese dragons and porcelain. Her husband, Joe, brought back many of the items from his days in the Merchant Navy.  Then there was the collection of bells- china and etched glass, ethereal in their beauty.

Jake’s theme for his Sunday Post this week is Reflection, and here I am, reflecting on my past.  How I longed to sing, like Diana Ross, “Reflections of the way life used to be…”

I realised the reflective qualities of glass from an early age, but I seem to forget when it comes to photography!  A pleasing window display will catch my attention, with disastrous results.

Yes, there I am, on the platform, looking in!

I did a bit better in York, but still managed to capture the odd passer-by.

If only the sun hadn’t been shining on that window.

I’m no quitter! I know how to keep repeating my mistakes.

I was better indoors, at the Greenwich Fan Museum, in London.  No sun there to get in the way.  Still a bit of reflecting going on, but beautiful fans.

Glorious fans, and a little reflection

It’s obvious I’m not good at this, and should turn my attention to other things: the reflective qualities of water, for instance.

A model boat on our park pond, with some pretty Spring blossom.

More recently I was in Whitburn village, on the north east coast, and an unusual building caught my eye.  It was once the village school and the information board recorded that the pond sometimes flooded, causing the pupils to have to sit on their desks and await rescue.  Ah, the good old days!

Reflections in Whitburn village pond

Jake didn’t stipulate that you had to submit good photos for his challenge, but he leads by example and his graphics are outstanding.  Click on the flying dragon or the links to Jakesprinter to see what everybody else made of this week’s challenge.  Me, well I could do with a little advice…

Have a look at the work of these talented bloggers:


  1. I really enjoyed your Reflection shots as well as the other website’s photos. The window displays are beautiful.. and I think it was kind of neat to have people reflected in them.. and to see you as well:) It ended up being a self-portrait with your camera, I think. I have no advice for you with regards to reflection, except one that my friend (an artist graduate) pointed out to me once how a rainbow I was photographing went across the sky and down into the lake water to make a half circle once… I’ve never looked at photo image composition quite the same ever since:) xx Smidge


    1. Thanks Smidge. Sometimes the shots aren’t great but they remind me of a moment, and that’s important to me, too.
      Your photos are razor sharp and well focused and I admire that. Mine are a bit more woozy- or maybe that’s just me!


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