Six word Saturday

Taking my foot off the pedal

Having motored a bit to reach my 100th post earlier this week, I’ve taken my foot off the pedal, just a little.

The chief reason for this is that I needed some time to plan my upcoming visit to Porto and the Douro valley.  I sometimes wish I was one of those “jump in and experience it as it comes” travellers, but I’m not.  I’ve looked forward to this trip to the north of Portugal for so long, and I’m desperate to get it right.

Apart from that, I’ve been enjoying everything the English weather can throw at me.  And it packs quite a punch.

Across a cornfield

Do you like the “colour pencil” effect?

I love the poppies in with the corn

And the reflections in the mossy pond in Whitburn village.

A little rain?

Marsden Rock

Marsden with a swirl? Well, it was windy!

Tile effect, I rather like, too.

Or a pretty version?

Now I’m exaggerating! It didn’t snow at Souter Lighthouse. Not quite.

But it does look rather nice spotlit?

It was blustery as only an English Bank Holiday can be, but I did enjoy our walk.  And another opportunity to play, of course.

Back to my maps and guide books.  Hope you’ll be joining me next week on Six word Saturday?  Many thanks to Cate, our kind hostess, on Show My Face, where you’ll find all the details of how to play, and this week’s other entries.  Click on the button below for more fun.


  1. Nothing wrong with taking your foot off the pedal, we all do from time to time and at the moment I’d love to be planning an overseas trip. I’m a bit like you, I like guide books and researching destinations, it takes so long to get anywhere from here (except to New Zealand) that if you miss something amazing it can be a few years before you get another chance to travel.

    Playing with effects can be fun even if you just turning a photo from black and white to colour, have you tried PicMonkey? It is free and lots of fun 🙂

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